Resolved to One Solution

Happy New Year my beloved Bleurgher Boos! 
Being my first post of 2013, I think it only right to commence with what's expected of me; a ' resolutions themed post (with a twist of course). You see, this year I resolved to just ONE solution; contentment.
"I am content with what I have, Little be it, or much. And, Lord! Contentment still I crave, Because Thou savest such." Louisa May Alcott (Little Women) 
(inscribed on the wall of my primary school in Nigeria & has stuck ever since)

Coat : River Island | Shirt : Primark | Trousers : ZARA 
The past years consisted of lists themed around Mind | Body | Spirit. This year, I wanted a culmination of all three + more, hence my ONE resolution. I found that much of last year was spent in an unsatisfactory tizz, stressing over the irrelevant 'cos I'd procrastinated, not to mention the jealousy & envious bouts. No, this year I am determined not to wind up in the same disappointing pool of sweat. I am adamant not to work myself up because I'm not meeting a false standard I'd set myself in contrast to others. No! 2013, I will be content.

Turban : BIY (Tutorial Coming Soon by popular demand) | Watch : Guess (Bicester Village)
Rings : H&M | Brogues : New Look
Contentment doesn't equate to never wanting to change/ grow/ develop. On the contrary, it means an acceptance of your current position & a feeling of self- satisfaction that cannot be disturbed. There are goals I've set myself this year as a means of gauging my personal development, but I refuse to draft them as resolutions. The key difference being that there's no guilt attached if I fail. Drafting grand New Years Resolutions leads to dissapointment, remorse, and guilt. Resolving to just ONE thing and choosing to alter aspects of my life one step at a time is the best solution. Making this choice to be content in all aspects of my life means that I won't lose perspective of where I am, or where I'm heading.
So instead of subjecting yourself to that crash diet (proof is in the pudding, pun intended) which will inevitably end in the former of its title; a CRASH! Be content that the weight you're in is the direct result of your current eating habits. Abstain from the cliche of a lifestyle overhaul every new year; drastic change is unrealistic and is most likely to end up in a bounce-back to your former self. Slow & steady. The same is true in every aspect of life. My mindset in 2013 will not be as naive as it was at the beginning of 2012. I understand now that life is NOT a bed of roses. Its full of highs & lows, ups & downs, and leading a satisfactory, happy and content life means trudging through the lows and picking yourself up so you can enjoy sailing through the highs. No point digging yourself a grave when you're down, thats making Satan's/ your 'haters' jobs 10x easier.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Resolved to just one solution that encompasses every 2013 resolution. Xisses.