BIY: Embellished Collar

This BLEURGH BIY (BLEURGH It Yourself) post was inspired by this post. Its been over a year, and as I'm between cameras, I thought it best to churn this out before this collar trend goes out of fashion so you boos can get your crafty hands on an affordable way to rock it. 
What You Need
  • An old shirt
  • A pair of scissors (please ask permission of an adult if you are not of age)
  • Thread (preferrably in the same colour as the shirt/ collar)
  • Card corners
  1. Cut the collar from the shirt. Use the threaded line as a guide.
  2. Place the collar in the desired position.
  3. Loop the needle & thread through the collar and shirt, and firmly knot a corner in place.
  4. Keep sewing until the corner is firmly in place.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Pop your collar hunnies. Xisses