This is the last time we will ever see the same numbers appear like that for the date in our lifetime. 
I remember when the Guinness World Records were at Greenwich trying to record 01hrs:02mins:03secs on the 04-05-06! Time sure flies. To think I was sitting down scribing this on a date my kids will look back and ask what I was up to is...bizarre! SO much has happened in our lifetimes, its odd to comprehend just how much we've witnessed.
 (at the grand opening event for the 'Twenty 8 Twelve' flagship store)
I'm blessed to have an avenue to vent & share some of life's experiences with you guys. I am sometimes told I'm an old soul, or I'm a motivational person, whether it be on my blog or in person by friends or family. Its a common misconception to think that for one to blog/vlog/tweet constantly, you have to be super bold and brave. Thats not exactly true. Being a blogger is only ONE aspect of our/my personality. Yes, I speak my mind, but I was raised to bite my tongue when the time called. I am, admittedly, quite an outspoken person and its because I believe I was born a fighter. I wont go into historical detail of my birth & bore you, but I have been asked to share HOW one can be confident & network effectively.
I believe life is too short to always wonder "what if". I'd rather look back & see what mistakes I've made in order to correct the path I'm walking towards in future. As a child, I was quite obnoxious and would walk up to strangers every morning and sing a random song with my bestfriend. I don't advise you do that on your daily commute, however, I think a smile at a stranger and a casual "hey" to someone who looks like they're having the worst start to their day is just the JOLT you need to knock you off your shy kilter. Biting that bullet, discarding all thoughts of how you might be publicly perceived (by strangers), is the first step worth taking to a bolder future.
Turban : BIY | Leather Jacket : H&M | Shirt : Thrifted | Disco Pants : American Apparel (eBay) | Boots : Allders
The same is applicable for interviews and networking events. You gain NOTHING by standing like a statue and being mute. What I advise is that you take a deep breath and SMILE. The key is LOOKING approachable, and if that fails, turn to the person nearest to you and ask about their story (NEVER the weather, too cliche). People LOVE to be indulged, so why not? Random conversations ignite the spark necessary for key connections. If its an event, just think, you're only there for a day/night so why waste it? Make the most of it and enjoy it, while you're at it. 'Tis the season, so cease it!
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! 12-12-12 Savour the moment & live it like its your last. Xisses