Adult Playground

This is something that has been playing on my mind for a while, and was stirred more upon reading this insightful post by one of my fave topical female life bloggers, Christiana. The issue I wish to shed light on is the dilemma of adult socialising, but in the context of dating and the single market.
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As teens, when a boy liked a girl or vice versa, there was the playground, which would set the pace for any relationship to take off. You could take the time to prance around in the new 'creps' you got for Christmas, in the bid to win 'her' over. Or flash that 'Beckham bend' you'd spent hours in the park mastering with your mates, all with the intention to woo the princess of your dreams with your amateur footie skills. The same is true vice versa. At the peak of puberty, all girls can think about for approximately 80% of their day is BOYS! It seeps through your grey matter so that everything you think and do is calculated to have a particular effect on the opposite sex. This means the extra-curricular activities you chose, or the clothes you donned, were all aimed one thing; that boy on the playground. Ahhh! See! There's that common denominator; the playground. All the activity is honed in to one scene. There may be sub-plots in class or after school, but the main excitement and drama occurs centre stage in the playground.

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its not so easy in your 20's. Not only has your social circle diminished in size from years of sifting and sieving out the bad weeds, but you then have to deal with the fact that all your girlfriends are quite happily settled, some with rings firmly in place. This is not a rant on the woes of being a singleton. Quite the contrary. What I hope to shed light on is the chasm in modern society.

Present day'ers have cast the notion of courting aside because there's no adequate setting to cultivate such a notion. Most social gatherings are purpose-built; birthday or wedding or engagement party. Not to mention in your early 20's, most are still trying to hang on tight to their youth, hosting most events in nightclubs or dimly lit bars. The avenue to pursue any sort of courtship, or graft out a means for fresh conversation run the risk of being classed as a tacky pursuit. No one wants their story to start as "I met your father at the local pub" *cringe*. Safe to say, the only possible prospective 'playground' in this day and age is a virtual one. Social networking platforms offer a plethora of options to market yourself and pursue whomever interests you, all from the convenience of your sofa. Call me old-fashioned, but as convenient as that all sounds, I'm rather nostalgic for an age I never myself experienced. An age where there were 'coming out' nights for women of age, or dinings for all young adults of a certain age. An age where walking up in a well-lit room and speaking cordially to a perfect stranger wasn't frowned upon as 'begging it' or 'fams', but simply a means of getting better acquainted. Where are the playgrounds for adults? Bars? House parties? Or is the rest of society, bar me, content with the idea of a purely virtual existence?
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Whatever your age...there should still be an avenue to have PLAYTIME! Xisses