Mistaken about Taken

I was once asked on Twitter "why do girls in relationships go to clubs?". I'm sorry, but I failed to see a clause in the admission policy that all girls within 'MUST be single'. What idiocy?
Dress : Topshop | Heels : Debenhams
It makes no sense that a guy can go on a lads' weekend to be it Prague/ Amsterdam, get wasted and plead the fifth (and lets all pray its the truth), yet a girl is supposed to (in the 21st Century, might I remind you) stay at home knitting him a warm jumper awaiting his return. Come off it son!
It baffles me that those who utter such ignorant questions see no err in the wording or the logic of that statement. Does clubbing equate to promiscuity? The lad in question further went on to query the apparel donned by said ladies in question, proceeding to enquire about their sensual demeanour as they get 'turnt up', and finishing by questioning their disregard for male attention upon interest. BINGO! He'd finally hit the jackpot. So, the foundation of his qualms rested on the fact that these said girls were 'taken', and he didn't have a shot in the world. Mate! Look elsewhere init? I have likened the single market to a commercial marketplace in the past, and in light of this, its easy to see the club as the Abercrombie & Fitch of retail stores. Its dimly lit & those inside are decked out in barely anything; all VERY pleasing to the eye. So, you move towards a particular merchandise and it isn't available in your size? You move the fug on son! You don't wail about the unfairness. You don't whine about wasting your time prowling the shopping mall. You literally move the fug on/ place an order to reserve your size when next available.
Non-single girls in clubs are much the same. Yes, they are taken, but are they not permitted the same amount of fun as the rest of the inhabitants on God's green earth? CHILL! Don't be mad 'cos she shut you down for something better at home. Yes, she's dressed pretty seductively, but who said it was for your eyes only? Yes, she's getting turn't up pretty erotically, but who said it was to entice you to join? Geez! Guys need to fall back. Just like you're with a gang of lads, all wing-manning for one another, so also is she allowed the liberty to enjoy her GNO (Girls Night Out) in peace. End of.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! If you're under the premise that a girl can't be free in a club 'cos she's taken. I hope upon this read you'll find you're quite mistaken. Xisses.