Fight Vs Flight

I'm a funny person, and I'm sure a few of you will relate to this post. I claim to loathe confrontation, yet I find myself being the one with the highest octave in the room when things get heated. The thing is, I may not like to battle it out but if I'm called out on the wordy warfront, best believe I'll pull out my sword of statements and fight the good fight until the very end.
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Only issue is, when the finish line isn't distinctly drawn. Then I find myself raising hell for no apparent reason. In retrospect its always so easy to see where you've strayed, and even to turn around to your opponent & make peace. However, what I want is a solution to the quick temperedness and to resolve MY issue before feeling the need to go in 'all guns blazing' to resolve an issue that need not my worry or my time. Its tiring work!
So I've decided to pray rather than pray tell. In the past, I have resolved my issues by drawing up a pros & cons list. I find it most efficient to see exactly what the advantages and disadvantages of a particular action, choice or statement may hold. However, I recently read that most issues people hold are issues for that reason alone; they have chosen to hold on to it. I have recently been enlightened to the awesome power of prayer. I understand that some of my readers are agnostics or atheists, or practice a different faith entirely, however...this is what I think will work for ME. Faith is a matter of personal choice, and this is the path I have chosen to walk in.
I previously found it useful to adopt the age-old dual-decision of fight Vs flight. This is the belief that we either choose to fight our demons, or flee from attack. Taking the example of anger management (or for others, academic/ financial/ relationship woes), in a confrontation with someone thats grating your nerves, I would either choose to get into a lengthy (and rather exhausting) word exchange or brush the issue to the side and move on. However, I found that both decisions can be rather problematic. If you choose to fight through things, some of those things end up being a waste of your time and energy, energy that could have been used more efficiently for a greater good rather than selfishly pursuing whatever it was. Same goes for flight; sometimes I choose to run away from battles that are worth a fight. Thats how opportunities are lost, and chances fly by unnoticed. With my newly adopted mindset, I will adopt the mantra of those IN anger management who 'count to 10' before pursuing a particular action, that way its a conscious decision that'll be taken. Instead of counting, I'll be praying and that way my thoughts, actions and decisions will be divinely guided by Him.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Sometimes we fight instead of flight and flight instead of fight, but in Him all decisions will be just right. Xisses