My birthday celebrations were a long weekend worth, with my sister gifting a plush dinner at Doubletree, Hilton Hotel, accompanied by tickets to see 'Wicked' in Apollo Theatre. Honestly was a brilliant experience.
Dress : ARK Clothing | Heels (not pictured) : NEXT
The day flew by in prep. I was much too excited to do much else, so I busied myself with prettying myself up. Even went as far as applying falsies...lol Anywhooooo, got majorly dolled up and met my sister after she was done with work. We made our way to dinner, and it was delectable. I decided to embrace my new found maturity, and step into new territory, so I donned a red lip - Vamp by Sleek. The hair wasn't quite working for me, so I decided to curl the front (which eventually dropped...crappy hairspray) and stick on a headband. Initially intended to be a technical tool, but quite fortunately transformed the look into a 20's inspired get-up.
Headband : Dorothy Perkins | Bracelets : Swarovski
From the starters to the dessert, the feast was divine. We soon scrubbed up and made our way to the theatre, a hop-skip-and-jump away. Enough of the experience, now on to the plot of the play. As always I will try & abstain from ruining it for my fellow readers, and will stray away from any spoiler alerts. The basic outline of the plot is the untold tale of 'Wizard of Oz', although there is cleverly no outright snatching of character names or tunes as much, more by inference. The writer is pure brilliance exemplified, I must say. I walked away shaking my head at his/her pure genius. I mean, to have sat down & though up a backstory to ALL characters in the fable, and intertwine them in such a masterpiece. Genius!
The 'wicked witch' in question was quite unlike we all had grown up knowing and loathing. In fact, she was a complete oxymoron to that image. Wicked is a tale of a lost soul who gags for social acceptance (much like the lot of us) but grows to overcome that in order to achieve success. She initially seems content with the stigma attached to her appearance, but much like us ugly ducklings, its all a front. With the chance of happiness dangled above her, she soon lets her inner feminine cravings get the better of her. Ofcourse, these lustful longings cloud her sensibility, and she is soon doing things she'd have never envisioned. Much like every other woman out there. 
Soon, she comes to a crossroad where she must choose between instant gratification and inevitably sacrificing all she desires for what is right. If I were to tell you which she chose, that'd ruin the mystery of the show. However, I will tell you, in her plight there sure are a few laughs and surprises along the way that are worth watching. 
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! I loved WICKED! *rubs hands together in delight* Xisses