Chapter XXIII

Guys! It's official! I have now been solo-bleurghing for 2 years now, and I just turned 23 on Friday....eeek! It was literally my best birthday to date! It topped the surprise party thrown by my flatmates for my 20th Birthday, my day-trip to Milan for my 21st Birthday, and my lil shindig with friends as a 'Welcome back to London' as a post-grad for my 22nd Birthday. I know you guys are probably expecting to see pictures of me bungee jumping or something wild like that to top 'em all, but it really was a simple, enjoyable, classy affair.
 Dress : TFNC | Heels : Debenhams
The dress was easy (in my head). I knew I wanted to wear one of those maxis with a slit, but I had my eye set on the theme 'black & gold'; two of my favourite colours. However, the gold & black corset I'd ordered on eBay from an oriental seller would not arrive in the UK on time. in fact, its yet to arrive! So I set out with my sister, on a mission to find the perfect dress. It was harder than we thought! In my mind, because it was a 'trend', I expected every store to have its own rendition in store....BOY! Were we wrong? It was nowhere to be found...we resolved its cos its no longer Summer *sigh* Finally, we found the perfect dress in TFNC, the same place I found my birthday dress last year.
The venue; Kenza Bar & Restaurant. I knew I wanted a shisha (or 'hookah' for my readers across the pond) bar, that served cocktails. I was SO over the whole social gathering to wine and dine. I wanted a birthday that was chilled, and allowed for socialising, reflecting my personality entirely. Shisha & cocktails would be the perfect foundation as no one would be distracted by chewing, or too engrossed with their own clique to mingle. After looking just about everywhere (even turned up at a venue that had been closed, after walking for 20mins!) Kenza was found & it was perfect... I was in love at first sight! Unfortunately, they didn't have provision for shisha smoking outdoors, and their electronic ones indoors were broken! After some research, the eshish was purchased and we sealed the deal (after confirming with the manager that it was ok to smoke 'em indoors)!
The night was fabulous, and the guests (family, friends, and their respective boyfriends) had a good time. I will concede that my 22nd year was not my best, but I am grateful that I'm still standing. I could be worse off, thats for sure. Here I am, a student in Law School...thankfully on-track with my goals. Yes, it gets hard, and yes, its easy to lose yourself in a bid to find yourself...but I still have a long way to go, God willing. This year, my 23rd year on Earth, my main goal is to stay positive. '2010 [was] me!', my 21st was the most miraculous year of my life and my 22nd was my most trying...lets make this new year, the year of optimism. trying times WILL come; its inevitable! Life is not a bed of roses, but assurance comes to those who believe in a better tomorrow.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Welcome to Chapter Twenty Three. Xisses