Meet the Adebanjos Live

Went on a family outing to watch 'Meet the Adebanjo's' Live at Hackney Empire. I've gotta say, BRAVO! *round of applause* I was stunned by the performance! Not being a huge fan of slapstick comedy, I abstained from watching it online when the series took Africans in diaspora by storm, early last year. However, I was much mistaken.
 Blazer : custom made (Nigeria) | Basque : Panache (eBay) | Highwaisted Peglegs : ASOS
The director of the production is a good mate of my sister's, having attended the same university. As a result of this, we were lucky enough to snag some pretty decent floor seats, a stone-throw away from the action. And boy were we glad! The show was amazing! I swear, at a point, I was literally gonna wet my pants!
The actors were on top form, and the comedic timing could not be critiqued. Brilliant! Far exceeded any expectations I might have had, walking in. When T-Boy walked on stage, I lost it! I was like a screeching groupie, Lord know why? My mother for sure must have questioned my upbringing at that point lol. He has definitely been a faithful fan of the gym over the summer , and it shows.
Necklace : Topshop
T-Boy's acting was on point, but my gongs have to go to the Papa Adebanjo, the Oyinbo dude and then the 'Pastor'. Dude had me in tears, for sure! When they were taking their bows at the end, the oyinbo dude and the pastor had an azonto dance-off. I mean, come on? Does it get much better?
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Meet the Adebanjo's Live, cant believe I'm saying this...but its a must see! Xisses