Bane of Life

As a huge fan of action flicks & Marvel Comic movies, I was among the masses that trooped to the cinema to watch the third Batman instalment; The Dark Knight Rises. As much as I love Christian Bale, I'm afraid my attention was captured by Bane (played by my new love, Tom Hardy) instead. Everything from his stature, to his defeat and final revelation...I was in awe of his presence on screen.
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In my opinion, Bane is the modern day take on the biblical 'Goliath'. He poses as a huge threat, when in actuality, he's but a mere spectacle. A ploy to divert our attention from the real enemy of destruction (Spoiler Alert). His decking in military-like attire, and the mouth guard, act as caricatures of our biggest fears. Not fazed by the words of our bullies, but their actions. Bane stands as a threat to the recovering Knight, and places him in the lowest possible position (both physically and metaphorically), of which he must overcome to first, redeem himself, and then go on to defeat his enemy.
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Much the same is true in our own respective lives. There are several Goliaths and Banes just waiting for their moment to pounce. However, what I pose to you is to pay them no mind. In order for the Dark Knight to rise, he had to delve into his psyche and come face-to-face with his self-constructed barriers, before breaking those to triumph over the real life obstacles obstructing his escape. Work on your respective 'shadows', threats and challenges, and upon overcoming them, look at your 'Bane' and battle it to the death. When you've destroyed your own demons, the Bane of your life should not be impossible to quench. At this point, you're a conqueror and triumph should be in your stride.
David used a catapult to defeat Goliath, and, that would be telling. Its easier said than done, and I'm still learning to take my own advice...but I urge you to look at your enemy head-on and combat it with skill, tenacity and the mindset that success is yours for the taking.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! When under threat by Bane, rise like the Dark Knight and don't let your struggle be in vain. Xisses