Kaleidoscope Dream

I had a dream, clear as day. Revelation-like moment, where I began to live and breathe for the day it would be fulfilled. It wasn't. For a nanosecond, I was crushed, but then I picked myself up and moved on. Is that normal? Is that strange? Who cares? Its life...and I'm here to say, it SUCKS! Aaliyah once sang "if at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again". Well, no one quite prepares you for just how many set-backs adulthood has in store, and just how many times you'll be patting down that dusty jacket of life.
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When you're younger, you have a colourful array of dreams every so often, ranging from career to love life to travel, and when any or one of these are crushed, you go down with them. A cycle of doom, self-pity and regret. Adult dreams are far more realistic, and you'll grow to find that the barrier to most of them is self-imposed. So when one of them goes unfulfilled, you take a minute out for the 'woe-is-me' fraff, you pick yourself up and you carry the hell on.
Harsh right? Well, that's my point. Its the bitter truth that no one quite tells you. We all grow up having been spoon-fed these tall-tales of what adulthood is like; ample freedom, self-inflicted responsibility, autonomy. To some extent, these are all true, but with the birth of those, lies the death of childlike dreams, hope, lust...
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Before you all slowly drift towards the phone to dial 999 so the men in white coats come & handle me, ask yourself...when was the last time you dreamt? Not sleepy-time dreaming, I mean full-on "I want to travel the world" kinda dreams. Now ask yourself whether it was actually fulfilled when you wanted it to and panned out exactly as planned? No, didn't think so. Yet, we are led to believe the acceptance that the world doesn't spin around our axis, is the telling of true growth & maturity?
I want to dream again! I want my dreams fulfilled! I've learned that by being sucked into the monotony of adulthood, not only have I lost the will to dream but I have in turn, lost sight of my old dreams. So much so, that I now feel lost. What am I working towards? *sigh* In order to dream, one must settle the mind, and take a time-out from their everyday malarkey. I urge us all to do that. Take a life time-out, step outside of your usual routine, and DREAM dammit!
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Its time to birth an array of dreams like the colours in a kaleidoscope. Xisses