Come Dine With Me

As you are all aware, I am pursuing a career at the Bar. I took a year out after graduating, in which to gain legal work experience. I worked at a prestigious law firm for the year, and learned the value of adequate prep time for a case, as well as other personal life lessons. My year-long paid legal stint further fuelled my passion to pursue a career as an advocate. Not belittling the role solicitors play, but I identified that my talents truly lay in active oral argument. The need to identify your talents as early on as possible, will help gear you in the right career path (for all those who asked). It is an important step to take in future planning; taking the time out to pinpoint where your interests lie, and how best to cater those interests to a specific field. This way, you are able to research alternatives in time to effectively carry things out without working to a tight deadline.
Dress : NEXT | Belt : Primark
As I was saying... in my gap year, I successfully applied for my Inn, and BPTC course at a prestigious law school. Aside from successfully completing your practical degree, you must have also attended 12 qualifying sessions (or dinners) before being called to the Bar. As some of you may be aware, I attended my first 'dinner' at my chosen Inn this week. I was a little more than nervous, but it was such an enjoyable event. I deliberated over what to wear, and decided on this rather conservative dress with my birthday heels.
 Heels : Carvela (Kurt Geiger) | Watch : Michael Kors | Ring & Studs : Swarovski
After filing into the courtyard, stunned by the sight of a couple hundred dark suits, I composed myself (in my tweed Chanel-esque H&M jacket) and made friendly with the girl beside me. Unlike other Inns, I was not made aware of the rule of 3, which encourages you to have communicated with at least 3 new people before you leave an event. Tottering at snail pace up the stairs in my stilettos, I managed to balance both a conversation and my stature, without falling flat on my face. After signing in, we were then all seated in a beautifully historic hall. Minutes ticked by before the panel of about 8 speakers walked in to deliver speeches on the ethos of the Inn, as well as several opportunities you were more than welcome to become a member of. The most memorable of them all, was delivered by the Vicar of the Temple Church, who tends not to shy away from his notorious reputation for telling off Dan Brown who shot the infamous Da Vinci Code in Temple Church.
All that aside, I must say (without sounding like an alcoholic socialite) that the most enjoyable moment came when the doors behind the speakers opened up. We were then ushered through to mingle, dine, and indulge in fine wine. I surprised myself by coming out of my shell (without the need for dutch courage) and casually liaising with renowned judges, QCs and past-students. I proudly managed to wangle a marshalling (chance to shadow a judge) opportunity with a judge off-the-cuff, as well as make a few new friends. This stood as proof against the recurring remarks I'd heard all my life, that I was unapproachable at first instance. 'Cos here I was being approached by those in high authority without hesitation. I lapped it up, for sure!  
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! In order to dine in an Inn, you must learn to shine from within. Xisses