Grass Aint Always Greener

I drafted this post when I was down in the dumps, but decided to post it regardless. Its been one hell of a week for me, as my Twitter followers would be all too aware of. I had difficulty in just about every aspect of my life, and instead of facing the issue heads-on, I crumbled. I fell face-down and sought solace in jealousy and envy. I looked to my peers and colleagues, and coveted what they had. But as we all know, the view's different from every angle.
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We live in a society that glamourises envy. I grew up on the Christian principles of the 10 Commandments, and learned from a young age that 'thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's property'. I find it hard to reconcile that message with the 'he got 10" rims spinning, he aint got nu'in on my 20's' or whatever rappers are spitting these days. Replace the rims for watch brands, or number of expensive champagne labels they pop without qualms on a night-out, and we're still back to the same line of reasoning. The pitting of one another against each other, in a not-so-friendly rivalry is what drives us in society nowadays. Teachers constantly compare the standards of students' work against each other, not to mention the age-old 'comparison of attitudes' technique, to get a tyrant to cooperate.
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What these seeds sewn early on in a child's development, reap, is a harvest of deeply embedded jealousy, self-loathing and envy. Oh! What? Now you wanna tell yourself apart from me and act like you don't feel the same at any given opportunity? Well, I once thought so too. I once saw myself as far beyond the depths of jealousy. I saw envy as a pitiful act of selfishness that I would never succumb to. Yet, when faced with the threat of being left out in the cold alone, there I was, peering through the metaphorical glass screen separating my successful peers from me; I couldn't help but bury myself in self-pity.
As I mentioned earlier, the view's always different from another angle. Here I was pitying myself, and feeling like I'd been forgotten amongst those receiving great news of late. Instead I'm bombarded with rejection letters after the other. I crashed! Not being one to indulge in my emotions, I gathered myself, my thoughts, my aspirations, and laid it all bare before God. As a Christian, I have that spiritual support system. Others may have their spouses, partners or friends, I may have the latter, but sometimes (being the emotional recluse that I am) I find that things may be out of my control and best left for God to handle. I can see now that coveting my friend's blessings, isn't gonna benefit me in the long run. Its better just to appreciate the great wonders working in others' lives, and wait patiently for your own. Life struggles may "try and knock you down, but the trick is to stay up" (Chipmunk - White Lies)
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! The grass aint always greener on the other side, only choose to remember that rewards will surely come to those who choose the good and abide. Xisses