4th of July

Happy Independence Day to all my American readers!!! I know you're all probably out getting slushed, and wont be able to read this until you're nursing a hangover tomorrow, with a cup of strong Americana coffee in one hand, and the phone in the other (pulling a sickie lol). Cheers to the merriment that is...INDEPENDENCE!
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And Geez! Aint it sweet? I think all of us, once in our lives, have had that moment of liberation from a particular circumstance. Whether it be from the captivity of the education on that fateful graduation day, or the chains of anxiety as you nervously twitch and tick until you receive the decision letter to an interview. We've all been there. However, what I want to speak on today is the eternal captivity we trap ourselves in. Just when one chain is unlatched, we discover we've unintentionally tangled ourselves in another. In reference to the freedom felt on graduation, and the liberation experienced through summer, the reality for most graduates is an endless cycle of applications, or the re-emergence in that same loathed education system, by enrolling for a Masters/ Postgraduate degree.
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In light of the news received this morning of Frank Ocean's sexuality revelation, I was intrigued by the public uproar on social networking sites like Twitter and Youtube. Supposed 'fans' stigmatising the artist's life choice, when in factuality, the proof was in the pudding. I have referenced Frank Ocean's 'We All Try' lyrics once before (in 'Gray May Day'), and argued the view that it is a life choice, but not one that everyone needs to be gagged into siding with. I love his music, and see no reason why the recent revelation of his sexuality should steer me into thinking of his material otherwise. He is a musical genius, and has shed light on the turmoil of growing up in a single parent household, and the fear of a man unable to deal with his own fear and grief. Why should the enlightenment to a fraction of his character, urge me to think of him differently? What we, as 'liberal' 21st Century thinkers, need to consider, is how our apparent accommodating cosmopolitan society, is really just a facade waiting to crumble.
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Here is a man that chose to unchain himself from the social definition of an R'n'B singer. Let us rise above the primitive mentality that once defined us humans in the archaic stone ages, and embrace the fact that life isn't black and white, but contains shades of grey. In regards to education, or further chains we may see ourselves re-clasping, let us release our minds of that view, and see these as stepping stones. Application forms may seem endless (and at times, fruitless), but it is inevitable. With or without qualifications, life is full of social cages, and it is up to us to seek out the key to success and unlock ourselves.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Cheers to the freedom bestowed on all citizens on Independence Day, but the further entrapment of ourselves into social and political confinement is for us to say. Xisses