Eco Green Lifestyle

Hi Y'all! Its been a minute ey? Well, its kinda cos I haven't been feeling very inspired of late. I found that, on reading my old posts, I was coming off as a bitter black woman. I'm not the most positive person, but neither do I sit on a pedestal pin-picking at the flaws of every moving thing on this earth. Its tiring.
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When people decide to 'go green', they usually cut out the 'bad' from their lives. In the conventional sense, it involves recycling, using eco-friendly lightbulbs, boiling less water or wasting less, etc. I thought the best way to turn my negative outlook on life, was to adopt this lifestyle in regards to my professional and social life. This involves, waking up with a smile on my face, praying and reading the bible more, making an effort to keep in contact with good friends more often, listen to good music, etc.
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I'm all for re-evaluation of life, and all that jazz, but I don't think 'going green' should be such a drastic move that you feel yourself back-pedalling at the soonest convenience. It is SO easy to fall when you set the bar so high, but this eco-friendly lifestyle I'm adopting isn't a whole new thing, but a modification of the improvements I set out to change from the start of the New Year. After being called out once or twice for seeming so bitter of late, I had to take this step. We live in a 'blame culture' where its easy to pass on the blame for a bad friendship to the other party, or to displace your bad mood on your shitty boss who's grinding you to a pulp, working you to the bone. However, I think its how YOU choose to handle it thats far more telling of your character, than the circumstances life seems to throw at you.
I had my first ever appraisal at work this week, and it was a great indicator of how my 'green' modifications had panned out. I'm an employee that absorbs ideas for improvements, and takes advice quite well. I believe in the power of constructive criticism, and even when the former part of that phrase is lacking and I find myself in the lion's den over an error on a client's file, I maintain an air of calm and control and diplomatically solve the issue the best way I can. In the workplace, there is no real room for a tantrum, as Kelly Cutrone's infamous book so bluntly puts it, "If you have to cry, go outside". So also are friendships not the place to harbour bad blood and bear grudges, thats what enemies are for. Friendships are a home away from home. Someone/ people we go to find solace, partners we count on to bear/share our brudens, without judgment. 'Eco Green Lifestyle' is a life where friends are recycled and made to feel loved as you find the time to put in the right objects of affection into that relationship box. Work is a platform for professional development and gaining insight, and with that outlook, you will be accorded more responsibility and given more opportunities to learn more about your role.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Go green to live a life on a high that can't be replicated by juicing down a coffee bean. Xisses