Menswear Mondays: The Cover-up

Gah! I love a guy in a suit. And what I love more is one that throws on a scarf and a wooly coat over it. I just wanna lap 'em all up...its the sexiest thing, like, EVER! Don't you agree? What I can't stand, however, is how the coat (or cover-up, for the benefit of this post) can hide a multitude of sins. Now, its coming to the season where every guy is tryna max out their gym cards and get their body right in time for white tee's to entice chics like buzzing bees. So, as the coats are flung to their respective storage spots, one is left to wonder, what lies beneath?
 Coat : Littlewoods | Shrug : Lipsy (eBay) | Shirt : Blanco (Gran Canaria) | Skirt : H&M
So also is it with a guy's attitude. Everyone knows you put on a facade when you first meet a girl. It may not be intentional, but you wanna put your best foot forward. So out comes the game, the wooing, the charm....but what lies beneath? Some guys can cleverly mask a multitude of sins beneath their charm, from the breadths of a child and a baby momma, to the depths of a criminal conviction. I know some of my readers will gasp at the extremity of these instances, but I can testify to the truth of these scenarios. Trust me, its not beyond the realm of belief.
 Bag : ZARA | Chelsea Boots : Dorothy Perkins 
An episode of 'How I Met Your Mother' explored the possibility of everyone carrying their [metaphorical] baggage around with them, labelled. That way, everyone is aware of the issues you have from the get-go, before falling in too deep. My male readers will shake their heads at this, for sure! There's NO girl in their right mind that would like you from day1, having told her you're 30 years of age, live at home with your mother and father twins? I stand my ground. Just as an obese man parades in a Prada coat, pretending that the bulk is all muscle, so also is the illusion of every man's game.
Literature : My Last Duchess
As a reformed pessimist (although I'm slowly crawling back into the 'all men are dogs' hole), I can see how this may look to some, and as always, i must correct any misconceptions this article may arouse. No, I am not saying that certain qualities should deem a man an outcast, I'm merely proposing the notion of placing all the cards on the table from the start of the game. Yes, a girl may wear butt-pads, wonderbra, fake lashes, weave, and heels, to alter her level of attractiveness. So also do men flash their cash, rock shades, rent cars, throw on Versace coats over Primark outfits, to create the illusion of wealth. Only difference is, the following morning, the guy wakes up to the reality of the chic's standard. A girl wakes up to a plush penthouse apartment thats driving the dude to diamond-mine levels of debt.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Cover-up your sins with a coat, but the weight of it will surely sink no matter how hard you struggle to keep it afloat. Xisses.