Gray May Day

I'm a female whose mood is directly affected by the weather. And as England failed to get the 'April Showers, May Flowers' memo, and is pissing down with rain every friggin' day...well, lets just say, I'm not exactly a ray of sunshine lighting up every room atm. Anyway, I was livid yesterday for one of two reasons. First, the whole Tami bullying sitch on Basketball Wives. I think I might just join the boycott for that sole reason....ALTHOUGH I do love me some Ocho Cinco, and wanna see the wedding special, so perhaps not. Secondly, I read an article that just got my blood BOILING and I had to vent on here.
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The article on The Lawyer critiqued the new Marriage Foundation's failure to take a stand on gay marriage. As discussed in the Stop The Traffik BLEURGH post, raising awareness of inequality and discrimination, is something I'm rather passionate about. However, what I tend to have qualms with, is the lack of consideration accorded to those who don't share the same opinions as the majority. Yes, I understand that some believe (in the words of Frank Ocean - We All Try) that "marriage isn't believe a man and woman, but between love and love", but why does everyone have to agree with that line of reasoning?

Surely the reasoning behind freedom of speech, is the right of all to be able to express their thoughts and beliefs without being penalised. Thus, creating a foundation solely focusing on the betterment of a child's welfare should not have to be attacked about its political viewpoint. NF Parties still exist, and racism is still very much rife in certain parts of the world. Not to mention the discrimination that vulnerable disabled people have to live with, day-in day-out. I'm sick to death of every institution being subjected to public scrutiny in regards to how liberal it is to homosexual individuals. 
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The church has undergone several changes to its leadership due to this very topic.  Religious leaders have had to bite their tongue in regards to teachings they have learned from birth in fear of offending members of their congregation. Vicars have had to step down from posts they'd sworn to dedicate their lives to, all because they hadn't addressed the issue politically correct. Honestly? Give it a break. If a Foundation is created to restore the institution of 'family' and rebuild the foundations to ensure healthy upbringing for children, then let it be. There was no specific mention of hetero or homo. so why go hunting?
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Whether it is gray all day in may, I should be free to have my say. Xisses