Black Widow

I'm a Marvel Comics STAN and went to watch Avengers 3D with my brother and co-worker over the weekend. I gotta say, having watched the lot.5, this is by far the best comic book adaptation yet! I mean, I'm no Comicon regular, but I know my stuff. I would go as far as divulging the fact that I'd yearn to be caught in some scientific defect so I could prance around in a cool costume, flaunting my superpowers for good  (or evil)...don't judge.
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A character that struck me was Black Widow, and not for her poor acting skills (yes, its no small fact that I loathe Scarlett Johanson), I mean, chic didn't even TRY to pull off a Russian accent.....poor! What captured my attention, however, was the power of her feminine wiles. She channelled her God-given gift of seduction to retrieve any information she damn-well pleased.
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Oddly enough, not too long ago, a friend of mine asked if I could be an insect, which would I be? After he rejected the idea of me as a scorpion, I settled for a black widow spider. Eerily scary right? I told you reality and fiction were slowly becoming one. Anywhooooo....having brought a few to the point of tears as though they were spilling their sins at Catholic confession booths, I can attest to owning the charm of femininity, manipulation and intellectual seduction. I believe every woman is born with the potential, all it takes is for her to tap into her innate gift/super power. I hadn't realised, but people have testified to me using my 'lawyer skills' to manipulate lay minds into getting what I want. So my skills are far more advanced that what I aim to enlighten mere mortals to, but caring's sharing right?
The black widow spider is ruthless to her prey, slaying her conquests after mating. Hilarity of the weekend was when I was breaking it down on the dancefloor (OMG! Blazerwhore was in attendance....i love that chic), shaking what my mama gave me, and this snail piped up with "I can't handle all of this!!", pointing slowly up and down me like i was a wall being painted before scurrying off. I believe a woman's true charm lies in her sensuality. Toning it down isn't on the cards. Instead, fully learning how to use it to your advantage is of paramount importance. Just when you think Black Widow has been stung by Loki in Avengers, she spins round venomously triumphant. There is no time to waste on spineless creatures, rather invest your time in those who can test your intellect and provide you with a platform for personal development. The black widow is as sexy as she is wise, she is voluptuous as much as she is skilled in her craft. Own it, whatever your gender!
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Embodying your inner black widow may just grant you that lust-after opportunity through a different window. Xisses