BLEURGHair: The Natural Crop

Almost in real time now, with my mane guys, bear with me. The title will have you believe I'm advocating a new healthkick, or have subscribed to that dutty 'grazebox', but KNOW I'm a foodie! Anyway, I was dead knackered with the palava of weaves and finding a style that'd disguise my hair condition, or work with the damaged bits at the back *sigh* In the words of DBanj, it was on a "looooong ting!"
So I started thinking of what to do. My dermatologist had banned me from using ANY chemical products in my hair, so NO texturizers, NO relaxers, etc....and I'd been warned to steer clear of excessive strain on the edges, so I had to call a stop to weave and braiding sooner or later. I went as far as purchasing a wig, before coming home (yes, I'm pissed as they're non-refundable & now I have no use for it), stripping my hair of its weavalicious captivities and starting work on my mane. With the help of the lovely AndreeMarie, I decided to rock my natural BLEURGHair, but styled conventionally. 1st I clipped off the distressed shegged strands that were hanging on for their dear lives. Then, I deep-conditioned and treated the mutherrrrr to life!
Then, I cremed my hair with shea butter and greased (sparingly) it with Castor Oil, before spritzing it with some leave-in conditioner with built-in heat protectant. My lil 'fro came to life. I've never been one for natural hair, it just doesn't suit me. And before some ethnocentric 'sistahs' start pounding the site about being proud of my roots, I want to point out that my preference has NOTHING to do with my discomfort with my African roots. In fact, it can be likened to a natural brunette craving to "wanna have fun" by bleaching her hair blonde, or those with naturally short hair adding extensions, so....fall back.
I straightened my hair with my Babyliss mini flat-iron and got to styling. I'm pleased with the results, and popped to my brother's (along with him ofcourse, for some moral support and guidance as I can't see the shapeup at the back) barber's the following day to trim the edges and neaten up the look. What do you guys think? I've been short for over a month now & I'm loving it, yet to tire of it so feel free to express your views. I wanna know whether you think short or long hair is more flattering on me. And whether you like the fact that I'm rocking my natural hair, no product....MY WAY.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Clippers go chop-chop, as I rock my natural mane with a short crop. Xisses