BLEURGHair: The Bundles

So this is the style I was rocking in January, didn't last long...a total of 3 weeks and 5 days to be exact. So here's the back story. When in Nigeria, I had to buy hair (weave & extensions) for myself and my sister, and when I went to a great dealer (highly recommended), I caught sight of these gorgeous bundles. Now, I was never an advocate for 'virgin hair', but after calculating the amount of money I spend year in, year out, on store bought hair, I started to reason. I haggled the price down to the equivalent of £45 for 4 bundles of Indian Hair....BARGAIN!
 After having the Invisible parting, i was hooked and wanted that to be my life! Having practically taught my hairdresser using youtube last time, i figured I couldn't go wrong on my own back, so I recruited the help of my sister, for the braid and set out to install the bundles.
 Sadly, my sister's vision of the braid-pattern & how best it would work, clashed with mine, and the styling and weaving was another flop as I couldn't cut the weft (or the bundles would run risk of shedding). So I was left with a side-part that was practically a full-head weave. To make matters worse, in my rush to install the weave after my invisible parting was looking sheg'd, I didn't have time to dye the hair from its natural colour 4 (brown) to black. So here I was with an uber-curly brown mane on my head. I swear I didn't wanna leave my room, I felt like a Lioness! LOL Lolli & Tee can testify. So, me, the bundles were a FAIL as I felt they totally didn't suit me.
After a fortnight, I washed it (BIG MISTAKE) and was unprepared for the mass-detaming sesh i was to endure! Thank GOD for YouTube! Resulted in using the John Frieda serum to tame the mess, and stuck them in bendy rollers I purchased from PoundLand and VOILA! All was well with the world...well, until I got sick of them and ripped them off in favour of full-head bangs, but I'm getting ahead of myself here. Coming soon ....

Onyxsta says...BLEURGHair!! Bundles upon bundles equals a Curly Sue mane. Xisses