Menswear Mondays: Let It All Hang Out

I encountered a new breed of plonker this week, who inspired me to write this post. Its been a LONG while since I've done a Menswear Monday post, but hopefully there will be a few more on the horizon as its Spring now. I digress...back to the muppet. Now, before I begin, some 'concern' has been expressed by a male reader of mine about my feminist/ 'man-hating' opinions? I will NOT point this out again....I LOVE MEN! However, some guys fail to come correct (as I'm about to illustrate) and thus, I have to air your ass so other girls don't fall victim to crap. If you can't stand the heat, get the f*ck out of the kitchen. Simples
 Shirt : Thrifted (Wales) | Jumper : Primark | Trousers : Market (Croydon) 
A male 'Bestie' of mine pulled me aside and asked me to get chummy with a friend of his who'd just come to town. Now, I'm all for 'friends of friends' connections, as I feel they are the most fruitful, in the long run. However, you have to be wary of who you let take on the role of Cilla Black, as not every matchmaker out there has YOUR best interests at heart. So, needless to say, this 'Bestie' of mine, was not someone I would burden my issues of the heart with, so I gracefully declined. He pestered and pleaded, and in the end, I caved. BAD IDEA!
 Slipper Loafers : New Look
Now guys, beware of those you let market you, cos behind your back, they may not always be doing you a favour. From the pleading, I was already put-off that the dude gagged for it THAT bad (no, I don't find that amount of desperation endearing). By the time the conversation started, dude was already in it to win it, talking about life history and what not. There is a line to NOT prod past on the first conversation; safe conversations lie around family history, current dating situation and career prospects. Trying to veer further than that is nothing short of ambitious. NO ill-humour, as you haven't fully gauged the girl's personality and how well she will welcome that yet.
Dude failed on ALL counts. Asked if I was willing to meet him (I hardly know you, fall back), if I was married (I'm 22, to which I joked I was "married with kids" and the bafoon tried to seduce me to have an affair cos he was gagging to see me & was 'bored'...WTAF, who cares??) and whereabouts I lived (thus proceeding to calculate the distance & time it would take him to come and visit me)....ALL IN THE 1st HOUR OF TALKING TO HIM??? And just when I thought it couldn't get much worse, he then asks, in not so delicate words, if I was sexually active? And if so, to date back and recount. Excuse me? And upon discussion with a colleague of mine, it seems this type of behaviour is not alien among men. I cannot reiterate enough how much of a deal-breaker that line is. A male friend of mine advised that, most men obviously have it recurring in their minds, and in their bid to 'get some' they think that bringing it up with a female means they're a step closer. Guess again. If you're an Adonis like Trey Songz, then you wouldn't even need to mention anything for a 'Panty Dropper', but mere mortals, take heed. Women are NOT comfortable with disclosing their sexual or personal past within 24/48 hours of meeting you. Instead of thawing them, you've sent them to deep-freeze you out.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Don't let your balls hang out from the get-go, not every girl is a prospect 'pro' from the word "hello". Xisses