BLEURGHair: Full Head Bangs

Apologies if your mind's in the gutter from that title, and I do hate to disappoint the folk who were under the under the wrong impression, but I can assure you, this is just a post on my hair update. Oh yeah! STILL playing catch-up...this is the style I was rocking after the Indian Bundles (which only lasted over 3weeks). Its a full-head weave, with razor-sharp bangs (for those in America) or a full-fringe (for us UK folk).
The full-head fringe look is my fail-safe style. Although, I always feather the fringe, or add some avante garde modification to the style that's never conventional. I bought packs of weave from my Enugu 2011 trip to Naij, and decided to make good use of them before I embraced my real hair for summer. My sister was all for honing her weavology skills, so she volunteered to braid me in again. We used an all back braid pattern, with two horizontal braids at the bottom. When she was done, I grabbed my needle and thread, and anticipated weaving my tracks in (to my sister's protest). She was adamant she wanted to finish what she started, and began to weave in the tracks in a circular sewing pattern. We used the full 2 packs (as I have a HUGE arse head!)
Styling is my domain though. I didn’t want wispy ends. And as the weave was naturally layered (one 14" and one 16" pack), I wasn't keen on graduating the sides of the fringe either. I wanted fully structured bangs. The hair was jet-black so I wanted the look to be striking and fashion-forward. After outlining where I wanted the fringe to sit (just above my lashes), holding a section of the hair with my  'deuces' fingers, I began to trim below my fingers. And this is the result!
I think this is my favourite style to date, but ALL my male friends begged to differ. I think it flatters my face, and I can hide my hideous forehead and grow out my eyebrows for the time being. What more matters? LOL!! What do you guys think?
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! She bangs! She bangs!! Xisses