No time to sing the blues

I'm a social butterfly, always have been, always will be. I thrive on nightlife and banter, and I thoroughly enjoy indulging in a full-on chinwag with my girlfriends (and guyfriends. Don't be fooled by the sexist myth; guys love to gossip that touch more than chics do). But my mother, being the African parent that she is, is forever wary that I have too many friends, worrying that not all can be true.
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While indulging in a marathon 'The Good Wife' viewing, it became apparent that one too many women suffer from what my mother fears. Spending 1/2 your entire life stacking up friendships, only to be disaapointed when the going gets tough and you're left to solo your way through the struggle. I attended my friend Lolli (from blog, LolliHearts) leaving do to South Korea last friday; she rented out a service apartment in Canary Wharf and invited along a few close friends for a mini-sleepover (cute idea, i know). But the most moving of all gestures, was a male friend who'd travelled by coach all the way from Leicester, JUST to see her off. I mean, me and a few others made no secret of it that if we were in that same situation, she'd better be content with a skype call...LOL
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That gesture got me thinking about my mother's forewarning and whether it bore any weight. How many friends would cross channels and endure journeys across valleys and whatnot, JUST to see me off? And how many was I willing to return the favour for? Its Lent now, and as a Christian, its a time of reflection. I've noted that through the years, I've spent more than a few wasteful moments banging on about OTHERS not being true friends...what about me? What part am I playing, in ensuring that the union is as genuine as I'd like to believe?

This is the thought I wanted to throw out there, in this post. We spend all our time bitching about friends, but we need to remember that true friends are not just for fun, they are for life. Friendship is like a tug of war, both of you need to be pulling your weight on either side for there to be a balance. When you moan about not speaking to someone in so long, think whether YOU tried communicating? Its time to recognise what friends are more like seasonal leaches and need to be shrugged off as we venture into spring, and which friends are worth the effort on YOUR part, to carry them on to endless seasons in the future.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Not a time to be sad & blue, but a time to reflect if as a friend, you're loyal & true. Xisses