10 Things You Don't Know About Me

I was tagged by the lovely Andree Marie, a while back, to share 10 Things you guys don't know about me. So I itched my scalp (like the dude in Chainsaw Massacre) and came up with an entertaining list. Also wanted to add some visual aids of fun times that won't end up on a post, so might as well bong them all in here. ENJOY!

1)      I'm a film, music & book fanatic...more obsessed with words than much else. With music, I pay more attention to the lyrics than the melody. Annotate quotes and try to understand the underlying themes, rather than absorb the trivial activities occuring in a play/book. Watch out for buzzwords and legendary quotes, rather than getting carried away with the fickle hoo-ha in TV Shows & movies. I live by moving words & one day, want to compile a book of my favourite, life-changing quotes.

2)      I was born in Nigeria & lived there for 9 years, before moving to the UK with my entire family. Thus making me a 1st generation migrant, otherwise known to some as a freshie...but shhhh! LOL
3)      I go by the alias of  'Onyxsta' or 'Onyx' on social networking sites and the blog world as I'm trying to carve out a reputable legal career for myself and don't want to merge my creative side, with my professional side.
4)      My five favourite drinks in the WORLD are Diet Coca-Cola with Lime, Strawberry Lemonade, Rubicon Passion Fruit, Fizzy Vimto and Supermalt. I live and die by these.
5)      I'm double-jointed in my fingers, but also SUPER clumsy. Those on my High School's yearbook committee will know how I begged & pleaded with the editor of the 'Most Likely to...' page NOT to include any clumsy references. I've sprained my ankle a million + 1 times, so much so, that I have a recovery-kit with balms and bandages ready-to-go at home for when the need arises.

6)      I'm a fat-kid at heart, and conceal my insatiable appetite before the likes of those judgmental size 0's by calling myself a 'foodie' instead. Although, I'm like Homer from the Simpsons and can tell you what unique ingredients are in a meal, sometimes from the aroma alone
7)      I can cook all things but particular native soups, and because of that, my mother claims I 'can't cook'...keep it movin'! You weren't saying that when you were munching on my baked spicy yams or my jerk chicken...hmmm

8)      My laugh is SO loud, and mostly ill-timed. My mother once called me a “laughing jackass" (whatever THAT means), and I'm known as the 'feel good girl' at work cos I can make anyone feel funny and entertaining cos I just laugh uncontrollably at the silliest things. But don't get it twisted, I don't laugh at ANYTHING. I can't stand slap-stick comedy and begs.

9)      1st Impressions, people either think I'm a b*tch or shy. I tend to take a minute (in the metaphorical sense) to take in my surroundings and get a sense of people's personalities before I can feel free in my skin. 
10)   I fear the dark, toes, the smell of bananas, raisins, and cum. What? Perhaps I should put a Parental Advisory sticker atop the page...
I tag Lolli, Nicola, Lola+Fikki and Tomi. Can't wait to see what I don't know about you hunnies...so check out their blogs & watch out for their post.

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! 10 Things to Love & Hate About Me. Xisses