Hunter: Saviour of Snow

Disclaimer: Apologies for throwing you off in this post with the hair I'm rocking, but this is me in present-day, 2 styles ahead...but as promised, I'll catch-up. But just thought to add current pics of me in snow, otherwise I'd be adding this when Spring was in full-bloom knowing me.
OMG! So, if you follow me on Twitter, you'll probably be one-up on the tale of my perilous journey lastnight....Buckle up kids, cos this is a about to be a bumpy ride. So my bestie **Tee invited me out to Imperial's annual cultural show (Afrogala), something out of our comfort zone of clubbing, bars & dinners. At first, I was averse to the idea, then an old pal was in town from Gambia, and we decided to go out and that seemed like the right spot. As they always do, plans fell through, but as Tee had already purchased tickets, we decided to go regardless.
 Me - Shirt : Blanco (Gran Canaria) | Jumper : H&M | High-waist Jodphurs : Thrifted (Wales) Necklace : New Look | Studs : **Gift (Nigeria) | Wellington Boots : Hunter (Office)
Brother - Jumper : **Gift| Scarf : H&M | Jeans : Levi's | Boots : Timbaland
That fateful morning, I woke up with a knot in my throat, and a raving mother at my door pointing dramatically at the clock and informing me of the time. Weirdly enough, I'd slept at a decent hour, but had somehow managed to stand my alarm clock up at wake-up time, and had opted for a lie-in instead. Without plans for the day, and after TfL'ing (for those overseas, that means Transport for London) their journey to a mourning family, I was set on a day of cosying in bed, curled up by Blanche watching my new TV obsession, Revenge (post on that COMING SOON!).
 (Mucking about with my brother in the snow. Mother was the Director of this madness....funny lady)
At about 6 (the time the food was being served before the show, but you black people and timing so...), I'd managed to drag my ailing body out of bed and was getting ready only to get in an odd argument with Tee. Weird, cos as much as we are both budding lawyers-in-the-making, we hardly EVER get into arguments. Ok, thats a lie, but still...this one came out of nowhere. Like, words were uttered, but not with the intention of ever causing a rift. After hanging up, I was like "How am I gonna go to a show with this chic and just be fakey-smiley smiley the whole time?" So I called back and we mended our differences.
I set out, and got that scary phonecall from a mother that doesn't know of your evening's plans. don't get those? Well, in my family we live by the principle of what you don't know wont hurt you, so we save all informing until the very last minute. That way, the damage is already done, and you can avoid any cockblocking on a grand scale. So my mother lastnight was no different. She was all "where do you think you're going?", "its snowing", "everyone is making their way in, you're making your way out" and all the 'usual' jazz I thought. So i silenced her worries and assured her all will be well, all the while looking outside the window at my TfL mode of transport, and rolling my eyes at how dramatic she was being...little did I know.
We roll into London and BOOM! People walking in have hair covered in snow, and the roads are ankle-deep in the stuff...I'm like "What The Actual F*ck???" (A GC term) We attend the show, and all is well with the world (post on that coming....MUCH later LOL...still playing catch-up, spare me). We step outside the hall and BAM! WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK?!? The land is littered with snow! Cars are skidding, roads are chucker-block...i'm like, OH SNAP! The bus we're meant to take isn't anywhere in sight, so we decide to take one to a nearby train station and take the Underground to Victoria....if only it were that easy. The lines are all suspended, so after a 30mins wait, a clear contradiction to the darned board listing the waiting time as '9mins', I hop on the jam-packed train where I'm squashed to the point of suffocation and have to howl "I can't breathe, I need air" to get enough attention to allow room for my head to pop up, and then transfer to Victoria from the next station. At Victoria, I run to my platform to a delayed train, little did I know I'd be walking into a marketplace. The platform was filled with over 250 angry passengers, who were left standing on the platform to a train that refused to open its doors cos there was no driver. Train comes in 45mins later and they all run to the next platform like a sea of ants for a cube of sugar.
Running back and forth from platform to platform like a headless chicken, I decide not to be a member of the flock of sheep and approach a conductor to ask "WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK?" to which he explains that MY train is about to leave from a platform on the other side of the station, but he'll try his best to hold it for me....WTAF?!?! So here I am, in peeptoe wedges, running across the train station for a train thats gonna leave in 2mins, and will take double the time to get there, as it stops in about a million stops beforehand...BLEURGH!! I hop on the train, unprepared for the ride of my life...train's sparking and screeching...dear Lord, never been so scared! Call my regular cab company 3 stops away from home, only to be told that they REFUSE to drive up to my wretched area cos its all uphill and whatnot...damned country Forest village! I resolve to take a black cab, to my brother's protest and he BBM's me other cab numbers to try, which I do, and book one that claims to get me home but at double the price - I agree, at the back of my mind always thinking I'd just walk out and take a black cab from the station. Oh no...not that night. the queue stretched all the way from the station door to the carpark! I join the queue and wait for my cab at the same time, which thankfully turns up 15mins after (10mins earlier than its estimated 25mins waiting time...good sign). I hop on and we set off, he strikes off 1st route, and on our 2nd route we get stuck up a hill to the point I think I'm gonna be sleeping in a stranger's car. He reverses, and we try route 3...we get stuck up that hill too but he's determined to get me home (after several threats that I'd have to be abandoned by the way-side or walk home from the middle of nowhere) and he gets me to the mainroad leading to my area, before I have to get out and walk out in 6-inch deep snow in peeptoe wedges...oh yeah! In total, it takes me 4 stank hours to get home, in what would normally have taken just over an hour *sigh* NEVER AGAIN!

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Always follow your instincts or you might find yourself stuck with a stranger for the night in The Sticks. Xisses