GC Baby!! (2011)

Hola Bleurgher Boos...I've been putting off this post until I'd published the album to friends and family on my personal facebook account. Now everything is out there and pictures have been confirmed by all parties as appropriate enough to be leaked online (LOL leaked makes us sound like celebrities....we wish!), I can go ahead and break down the holiday for you guys pictorially.
 After a rather uncomfortable flight (but thankfully filled with banter and jokes with my girlies), we safely landed in GC's main airport in the evening...met the most gorgeous eyed airport clerk there who showed us the way to get to our hotel/ villa. He was GORGE! (trust me *swoon*)
 After randomly dumping our bags, we soon realised that none of us packed any food to prepare while at the villa, so we resolved to going to the local chinese for the first night to dine. Turned up at midnight, asked if we could be served, to which the waitress politely nodded and showed us our seats. We thought it was all cool....little did we know we were enslaving chefs and kitchen staff who were packing up home and closing down *sigh* They were NOT happy bunnies and we were hungry as hell...
 The Sunday was spent lounging by the pool and catching up on some much needed rest after the stress of exams and the long, uncomfortable flight. We chatted with some other villa neighbours and found out some hotspots that we could see that night. So when it came evening, we dressed up and hit the 'Lighthouse'...little did we know that was shut and thankfully, our taxi drivers directed us to the BEST food I've EVER had at this restaurant named Samsara! *yummy*
 Having eaten to our heart's content, we got a bit friendly with the waiters and asked what there was to do in the nightime...to which they directed us to Kasbah...where ALL the nightlife in town took place. Got there in no time (and with the help of a few guzzles of liquor), we were soon being charmed and wooed by the PR busker-like people outside the clubs who saw English girls as fantastic bait. Free champagne here, 3 free pitchers there....it was all quite overwhelming and scary tbh. In one night I'd lied that I was from Russia, yugoslavia and Australia....all so I could escape from the wills of sleazy men.
 The next day we decided to take a break from that kind of scene and just have a lazy day in town. We were all pretty beat/ hung over so by midday, when we were all up, we set off for the beach - Playa. As soon as we stepped out of the taxi, I dunno whether we had an 'English lass' halo above our heads but we were swarmed by daytime PR freaks too! Bidding us to come on a cruise to here or be on MTV's party boat with a free banana boat ride thrown in. After bashing, beating and charming our way out of the hoard of PR dudes, we set off for lunch at the local seafood restaurant and indulged in some homemade icecream (Caio Caio....YUMMY STUFF) afterwards! Then we jetted off to a shopping complex - Valedero - where we took in a few treats (almost bought my 1st pair of RayBans) and got an idea of what kind of gifts we'd get for our friends and family back home.
The next day we set off for the waterpark called 'Aqualand' and all those pictures are of us in a bikini and I'm not quite ready for that to circulate the web quite yet...but it was SO fun! Only took pics out to play in the kiddie pool and their waterslides. But BOY! The big guns were IMMENSE! I chickened out of going on 'Boomerang' which was our first and probably the most scary...but i went on all the others which was SO much fun! Then myself and **JB got henna tattoos (which they informed would last a minimum of 15days but didn't even last up to a week! LOL).
In the evening, we decided to hit Playa again for some dinner and perhaps town for a night out....but we were pretty dead after the meal and caught some early itis and called it a day.
The next day, we set off for the main shopping centre called 'Atlantico' which was filled with our favourite stores like Bershka and ZARA, but also had some hidden Spanish gems which we went a tad crazy for! It was SO much fun foreign shopping and I'm SO thankful to be at a point where i've honed my style and know exactly what items to go for etc...can't believe i found the leopard print loafers I've been dying for! And they were only 9€!!
Went out for dinner at the spot next to 'On The Sea' (this fabulous shisha place overlooking the sea....beaut of a gem!) at this beautifully decorated chinese restaurant. It was SO beautiful and the food tasted even better....YUMMY in my tummy! After which we went over to the shisha joint and blazed the night away....not in a 'wastemanic' sense....just quite literally. LOL
This was our last night there and we termed this 'Bambino's Birthday' and took to town for a real girls' night out treat for her. We went out for Italian....oh we almost bombed those turds after their rude service! Grrrrrr! And then set off for a final night out at Kasbah! This time we went to Chinawhite (playboy night) and ended up bagging Bambino a lapdance from a topless waiter...well, kind of LOL. And there was this one cutey.....oh....I forgot, a lady never tells *winks*

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Saying farewell tonothing but  fun memories of GC's sun, sea and sad...*sigh* Xisses
Off to the Bloggers' meet in london tomorrow. I'm so excited to meet some of my fave bloggers like Nicole from BlazerWhore, Kike from LoveKiksy, Tomi from TomiDFTV, Lolade from Lollihearts, Promise from Follow Me in 5 Inch Heels & one half (Lola) of Pastime Bliss! Sadly, my camera battery is dead so all the images will either be stolen from their blogs or will be of relatively low quality as I'll be taking pics from my iphone4....