Enugu 2011

It being the first day of the month and all...I thought it best to suck on a lolly of nostalgia for a brief bit. Plus, I'm seriously playing a losing game with time and I'm struggling to post all this stuff so I can finally be in the present...so here goes.
About a fortnight into my new job, I took 10-day holiday to Nigeria for my cousin's wedding in the East...and let me just say, it was BRILL! I made a handful of new friends & met tons of new family members. And not the ones that are tryna scrounge off you for every nickel you've got either, these were people who were lovely, and friendly, and generous from their own pockets. Never spent a dime of my own money on their turf...loved it! I always make a BFF on every trip & this time *points above* the bestie in question was a lovely lass, cousin of a cousin, bearing a fitting name as well, Angel. We were in the wedding train together as the youngest bridesmaids so we had an instant connection. Also, with me being a tomboy at heart, and she being young at heart and eager for male attention, we spent most of our time jammin' in the guys' room together as the sole female pair. We crashed their palm-wine binging sessions (cat out of the bag...yes NeeNee, it was us that downed the good keg on the 1st night *blush*), FIFA tournaments & lads' nights out to the clubs and 'joints' LOL.
We touched down in Lagos, and were warmly welcomed by no electricity, a broken waterpump and delicious homecooked jollof rice by our house help. We only stayed there for 2 days before jetting off to Enugu, but made fun a priority. Everyone that goes 'back home' understands that its never a holiday, but not this time. We made sure to venture out solo (me & my brother *not pictured*) and interact with the locals....twas SO much fun. I was the talk of my estate by Day 3 with my skater skirts & slender legs. Guys in foreign countries are much more forward than what we're used to in the UK. On our flight to the East, I met the comedian Clint the Drunk (pictured above) and Nkem Owoh when we touched down (but my camera cockblocked my claim to fame).
The wedding was the day after we hit town, and as me & Angel had crashed the guys' room under the impression we were going on a mad bender the night before (we were disappointed as nothing really took off that night but drinking and banter, which was still fun), we ended up kipping at 4am, and were groggily woken up at 6AM!!! 2 hours beauty sleep...IMAJ?? The wedding was a beautiful affair, with a gorgeous theme of fuschia, champagne and teal. The bridesmaid's dresses were floor-length teal gowns, and we had our hair professionally tied up and fastened with gold bands; jewellery and makeup were to your discretion. As you can see, I kept it simple with a flush of the themed colours, but nothing too dramatic. The ceremony itself, was held in the city cathedral, and the reception in an immaculately decorated hotel banquet hall not too far away.
We spent the rest of our time in Enugu trippin' from icecream parlours, 'point & kill' joints, to clubbing and just generally chillin'. I realised in my time there, that I'm a hot freakin' commodity, and came back to London with a renewed flair for adventure and life. I was beaming for like 2 weeks straight (and need to go back to that *forcefully grins*) and that bubbly aura was contagious. I was getting approached far more and it was clear that 'cos I'd altered my attitude towards life, ergo my life had altered. Sometimes it takes a step out of your norm, to truly gauge what your ideal is.

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