All That Glitters

I fought the urge to write this post, as i felt it was only feeding the ignorance of some idiots, but it just HAD to be done. This is an open letter to all the ign'ant goons that had something to say about 'true beauty' and the 'deception caused by women who wear makeup' after the Beauty By JJ saga. As a twitter/youtube pal of hers, it hurt me to see just how mean people were being over the entire situation. I refuse to dwell on the situation itself, but focus more on reflecting on the nonsensical comments spun by narrow minded misogynists.
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1) Beauty is skin-deep; makeup only enhances it. I got so sick of guys spinning the same fraff about them not caring whats on your face & how we don't need to pile on makeup. In Jennie's 'ramble' video, she made a valid point: "aren't the girls with weaves and makeup the same girls you move to in a club?". TRUTH! All this natural beauty malarkey is dog's bullocks. Girls get dolled up to go on a night-out & guys, respectively, pay attention to the girls that make the most effort and look the best. Its simple after-hours algebra. I am a guy's girl, so I'm speaking from experience, not just going off the smoke thats made me high in my lil bubble; guys sniff out which girl is fine, weed out the 'butter's friend' (usually with the aid of a wing man who distracts her) in the aim of 'pulling' (an English term translating to taking a girl home, hooking up or for the pre-pubescent, getting her number) by the end of the night. FACT! So don't come all Pastor Ashimolowo, acting like makeup is of the devil *kmt*
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2) Shadowed Application. I guess the only thing that can really be said is, guys like girls getting all dolled up, they just don't want to witness it all taking place. The truth of the matter is, when a girl like Jennie Jenkins walks the streets, she probably can't walk to the end of the road without turning a few heads. But the uproar is much akin to the reaction your boyfriend will give when sitting on the bed before dinner, watching you apply everything from your MAC foundation to your Sleek contouring and finishing with your Maybelline false lash effect mascara. He will ALWAYS interject with, "babe, you don't need all of that"....BULL! If he saw you without it, he probably wouldn't even BE your boyfriend to begin with. "Sweatpants, hair tied back, chillin' with not makeup on. That's when you' the prettiest, I hope that you don't take it wrong" - Drake. BULL! This is the same Drake thats dated girls from Rihanna to the swivel-chic thats swung down so many metal poles you might as well call her an alloy.
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3) Flip the Script. Now, before some 'real ladies' come on her giving me all that lip, I want to make one thing perfectly clear...I am NOT saying girls who don't wear makeup are ugly. Neither am I saying all guys are shallow (strike that, thats EXACTLY what I'm saying...LOL), but the point I'm trying to make is that makeup is a matter of personal preference. If a girl wants to cake up, rock weave and totter down the street in heels everyday, thats HER prerogative. What I want to turn my attention to, are the guys that felt it their earthly purpose to spread the word on this female 'deception', warning guys to be careful. Like, REALLY?!? Those same guys have probably been rejected one too many times by girls as gorgeous as Jennie, and this is their avenue for revenge. Its sad cos they failed to realise the embarrassment they may have felt from the rejection they may have experienced was on a far smaller scale to that which they caused to the poor girl. At least her flaws can be airbrushed with a kabuki brush, how ugly do YOU look to your peers after subjecting her to vain scrutiny under the illusion that you were enlightening others?

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! All that glitters may not be gold, but spare us 'cos your views fit into an archaic, ignorant mould. Xisses.