Cobalt Blue, Black & Gold

Apologies for this rather belated post but as my friend says, “sometimes life just gets in the way of sh*t” LOL. I have so much to say in so little time. But I really am struggling with time management these days. I can never seem to find enough hours in the day to do the things I love like bleurgh, post youtube videos or even watch my favourite shows. Seriously lagging behind on life…but on to the post! This post is dedicated to my three favourite colours. I have ENOUGH items in my wardrobe of these colours its ridique! I thought I'd break down why I like each and their symbolism in my life atm.
Blazer : ASOS | Tank top : H&M | Shorts : Primark
COBALT BLUE – This colour is bright, bold & daring! I have my new favourite ASOS blazer (pictured) in this colour, as well as a newly purchased (and discounted in the sale) pair of Primark peglegs and many many more…I just LOVE it! It represents my carefree character. I was recently thrown in the deep-end when I was made aware that my careless words had gravely affected a very close friend of mine. She was taken aback by a revelation I'd sprung on her on a night-out, causing me to question what MY flaws were. I asked two of the closest people in my life, and they stated much of the same; one of which was my carefree, blasé persona, which sometimes comes across as selfish, but to some may be admirable. I don’t take life too seriously and I LOVE having fun. Cobalt blue is a direct reflection of that as its 'in your face' in a very classy, regal way.
Lovely day out with my sister in Westfield, Stratford City, sipping on some Crispy Creme shakes, munching on some delicious doughnuts & licking on some delectable gellatos.
Turban : Scarf **gift from **Oh Bee from Dubai | Bag : Warehouse
Ray Ban Wayfarers : eBay | Necklace : Bershka (GranCanaria) 
Pumps : Ethel Austin (Wales)
BLACK – This represents my much darker side. I have a very sarcastic, British-black sense of humour. I crack crude, lewd jokes and I always take cussing matches too far. I am lethal with a swig of chemical (I LOVE the use of this Nigerian slang for alcohol) and a menace in a club. I am known to some BBM contacts as Lady Nocturnal as I hardly ever get to sleep until the early hours of the morning (in Uni, it was worse and I self-diagnosed myself as suffering from ‘Unisomnia’ LOL). I look the allure of black, a fail-safe colour that can mesh with just about everything in my wardrobe. Just like I have been known to some to get along with just about everyone (even though this was recently called to question when a friend apparently claimed I may have a conflicting personality…hmm).

GOLD – This is my most recent & welcomed trait. The glamourous and glitzy element to my personality. I've always been the pampered baby of the house, so I’ve always been smothered with love and attention in my household, but having struggled through adolescence and the trying pre-adult phase of my life through bullies and disappointments, I lost my spark. The loss of my confidence came with low self-esteem, disregard for personal style and the ever-evident need to be accepted. It wasn’t until recently that I found myself. I made a vow in January 2011 to hone in my talents and truly rediscover the extents of my mind (pushing myself from a 3rd to graduating with a 2.1), hone in my spirit (I feel closer to God than ever with my daily devotionals and the relay of my personal testimonies to non-believers) and carve myself a covetable body (spent much of the earlier ½ of 2011 in the gym 3/4x a week), and I’m more than pleased to testify to 2011 being THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE!

Onyxsta says…BLEURGH!! Sparkle your way to the top, and spread love & light like the angel atop a Christmas tree. Xisses