What's Your Number?

**DISCLAIMER - This post is NOT PG 13 material!**
Just finished watching 'Whats Your Number' with the usually irritating slapstick-clutz Anna Farris & the yummy yummy in my tummy Chris Evans :) *wolf whistles* Not one for spoiler-alerts, so I'll carefully tread around the predictable plot & just dish on what can be viewed in the trailer (which practically summarises the entire movie). Anna Farris hits rock bottom in her life and reads this article which states that the average woman has 10.5 hook-ups in her lifetime before meeting The One. Obviously, the movie was based around an older protagonist but I can relate. The movie's (and magazines, and the WORLD that isn't frigid) idea of hookups focused solely on sex, but when my friends and I delve into the pits of a 'keeping score' game like this, we tend to waver around the nitty-gritty and stick to 'The Hills' concept of 'hooking up' *coughs*
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10.5 is average? REALLY?!? I dunno how the rest of you girlies feel (and I'm sure guys reading this may have passed that score long before they left high school) but I think that score is relatively .....ah ah now! *wags fingers cheekily* A lady never tells. Either way, whether you believe the number to be high or low in regards to how much experience a woman carries under her belt before chaining her poom to one guy for eternity, I'd still have to question who has the right to calculate the average?
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In a world where morals are flung to the wind and the mention of God only clumsily escapes majority's lips as a form of excitable exclamation (OMG!), I am forced to question where statistics like this are drafted from? Farris in the movie, fears exceeding her 20th hook-up and embarks on a mission to find all her exes and try and work through whatever the issue was initially, rather than have sex with yet another douche, adding to the number. I'll leave you guys to watch and find out whether she succeeds at this or not...but I think the answer to that is pretty obvious.
Exes are exes for a reason. They are a blatant memo, reminding you of what you are no longer attracted to, and the person you no longer are. Numbers? Yes, we live in an ever-judgmental society and its naive to think no-one keeps tabs but I feel like the 'average' is bullsh*t! In life, we make mistakes and learn from them, some learn quicker than others. The same can be translated in the dating world. Some girls (and yes heifers! I envy you!) find their highschool sweethearts, date them all the way through University and marry them just after landing that high-class job in the city firm. Others, trudge through douche after douche, drafting up an endless list of 'The Perfect Man' and then just when they're ready to throw in the towel, out Prince Charming comes to sweep them off their feet when they least expect it. Thats the fairytale. Whats a number on that?
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Whats Your Number? In fact, who the hell cares? Xisses