Muse Origins Feat. BLEURGH

It was SUCH an honour to be featured on upcoming e-zine Muse Origins
The questions challenged me & my perception of style Vs fashion. I feel like fashion (especially if you're a highstreet or fashion magazine fiend) is so fleeting (or 'seasonal' as I stated in the feature), but style is eternal. My style has grown with me, and sometimes I look back and think "WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME I LOOKED LIKE AN ABSOLUTE GOON?!" 

Quite honestly, I've always been one of those girls that get asked "what are you wearing?" by a passer-by and I've always relished stating where each item is from as I feel like my wardrobe are little members of my family and all share personal (fond) memories with me. I guess that's why creating BLEURGH seemed like an enjoyable (and natural) hobby to delve into.
I'd definitely blame my parents for being the origin behind my vanity. My father would give annual 'Christmas Funds' when we were little for clothes shopping, dating as far back as when we lived in Nigeria. My parents loved the fact that I had aunties abroad and would use it to my advantage 'cos I could rock pretty dresses that no-one else in class owned. My first memory of being the centre of attention because of my attire was when my Uncle themed his entire wedding train around a peach party dress he'd seen me wear. He took my dress as a sample and had tailors create (pretty bad, in my opinion) orange replicas for the little bridesmaids (needless to say I was the best dressed chic on that train).
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! What are your earliest style memories (or muse origins) and share your take on Fashion Vs. Style below. Xisses