In Colourful Company

As the world bids adieu to another great this year, I thought it only right to pay homage to the mastermind behind the world's most colourful company. As a great fan of Apple products (Owning a Macbook, 3rd Generation iPod Nano & iPhone4...looking to purchase the iPad soon too), I was moved by what the late Steve Jobs achieved in the 56years of his life.
Blazer : Thrifted | Top : Allders | Neck Candy : TK Maxx | Belt & Trousers : ZARA 
Bag : Warehouse | Pumps : Urban Outfitters
I love colours and the vibe it exudes on a monochrome outfit, adding that extra bit of pizzazz to the mix. The same was thought of those original quirky iMacs (with the HUGE bums?) with the rainbow colourful backs. Such a breath of fresh air from the boring off-white Compaqs and whatnots flooding the market. Steve Jobs constantly thought outside the box (don't worry guys...I'm not going for gold in a bid to write his autobiography, my point is soon to hit home), pushing the boundaries of eclectic technology. And when even HE could see that he was reaching the end of his tether, he willingly resigned. Point? A truly wise man knows when to call on the help of his team.
Things don't always work out in exactly the way you plan them....even when you set out plans, goals and psych yourself up to the point you worry whether you'd secretly inhaled some e-tablets in your sleep. However, this doesn't grant you an all-access pass to the world of self-pity, instead it prompts you to keep pushing the boundaries. At one point, Steve Jobs lost BILLIONS in a year alone, yet he passed away OWNING those billions and more. In the wise words of my brother, Dr. Obi"Stay Hungry, Don't Settle". Jobs didn't wallow in self-pity, and drown his sorrows in binge-eating, retail therapy OR indulge in a frivolour lifestyle (well, to my knowledge...), instead he reinvented the brand, with the net-worth of Apple totalling to that of an entire continent! CRAZY right?
My point is, Jobs' Apple achievements were not a solo-venture. Donning coloured trousers on a lunch date with my bestie & ex-roommate hoping to spice up my dull outfit, didn't quite achieve the results I'd hoped for. However, it wasn't until I caught sight of HER coloured jeans that my mood was lifted. Sometimes, it takes an external effort to really make a difference. Jobs spoke of owning the "courage to follow your heart and intuition", but having lived a selfish life for a year (remember "2010 is me!"? Oh dear!), you learn that simply following your own voice tends to sound like an echo, and may not actually be intuition, but rather your foolishness drowning your reasoning.
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Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Misery needs company, but thats counterproductive if the company is a contrast to your melancholy. Xisses