The Inbetweeners

Went on a girlie evening out to the cinema with my sister to watch 'The InBetweeners' movie and OMG! It is HILARIOUS! I loved the show on TV (actually stumbled across the pilot, late one night & was hooked since...honestly believe I was one of the 1st people to watch it, and not just claiming that), and the movie is just as funny! Gotta go and watch it guys....its a MUST SEE!
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Hollywood have failed to depict the 'inbetweener'-like girls in the world, on screen. We've seen movies like the Ocean's franchise, Hangover, and now The Inbetweeners, but no such equivalent for females. It seems when females are gathered on set, all we are reflected to discuss are fickle topics, and not to forget....BOYS! Women are never seen to let their guard down, unless its a liberating sexual adventure that always bears reckless consequences. I want to see more women WINNING on the big screen, without the use of their feminine whiles to their advantage. When I went on a girlie holiday with my girlies to GC, it was quite like the movie...carefree fun!
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I've always lived life under the mantra that 'normality is overrated'....well, I say 'always', but quite rightly, that level of self-acceptance only came with maturity and growth. I've never conformed to the 'usual', and got quite tired of living within the box from a very young age. Some girls are confined by labels, whether it be dominating the guys at lunchtime football and being labelled a 'tomboy', or prancing around in kiddie-heels across the play-park. I dunno what it was, but those titles never quite appealed to me. Quite like the original Jigga collaboration album (with Rkelly? That was my jam back in the di-day!), I've always enjoyed living the 'Best of Both Worlds'.
The Inbetweeners are an awkward bunch, but in their lil clique, they are indestructable. Bullies may try to wedgie away their pride, and girls may aim to publicly emasculate them, but in the end, they came out WINNING! Again....normality is overrated! I've always been a girl to run around in my gang of numbers, claiming to run the world far before Beyonce released that dead track. The movie reminded me all too much of my time in several educational institutes, from primary all the way through to University, and the friendships I formed along the way. These guys honestly had fun wherever, and in whatever circumstances, and I think thats how every friendship should be regardless of gender. Shave away all the ball-less moments bawling our eyes out at douches trodding on a heart or two; my true friendships and moments were carved out from the most unexpected circumstances and its always great knowing you shared that with someone else.

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Dare to stand in-between socially constructed norms & break the barriers of defined femininity in all its forms. Xisses