Menswear Mondays: Scarlet Suited UP!

Blazer : Littlewoods | Silk Shirt : Blanco (Gran Canaria) 
Peglegs : ZARA
The title is a spin on my favourite Sitcom character right about now...Barney from 'How I Met Your Mother'. He's SUCH a ledge (wait for it...en-DARY! lol) and oozes every ounce of the dapper man I'm always raving & ranting about...comedic genius & a eye for tailoring. What Barney embodies, is the new man. The man that sees every occasion as a reason to dress up (can I say 'dress' in reference to guys?)...just like a stylish woman views the sidewalk as a catwalk, so also should a man. The actual look itself was inspired by Kanye West from his previous tour.
I think the scarlet red blazer symbolises liberal conservatism (oxymoron, I know).  Red usually connotes danger and sensuality, and in contrast, suits represent caution and adherence to the status-quo...striking contrast, but I love it!
Casio Watch : eBay | Rings : Matalan & Dorothy Perkins
Suede Brogues : New Look | Bag : **Sister's
I've been receiving numerous girlies moaning lately about the douche-like behaviour of some guys. I just don't understand why some girls get the 'good guys', and the rest have to endure the crap that douches toss at them? Why the need for such a striking contrast. They say a guy can mess around all he likes, but when he meets the chic he wants to settle with, he fixes up. But why wait until then? The scarlet red suit conveys that the thin line between two extremes can be tightroped, no need to be confined to either one box or the next.
We all know this is a patriarchal society ridden with endless double standards. But I'm sick and tired of it. As a new adult (well, I will be 22 this November so that line is ageing a bit *sigh*), I'm done with the games and cufuffle of guys. Why does a guy either have to be good or bad, yet a female is meant to embody both by being a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets? I'm calling out for a balance between the two for all guys out there. Metrosexually stylish with a masculine edge; football fanatic but with a zest for retail; dangerously dapper don in a suit but a sickeningly sweet suitor. The world has moved past labels of social confinement, and I think, so should guys...

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Life is all about tightroping across extremes and finding the balance between them. Xisses.