Class of 2011 : Graduation

Searching for the perfect grad dress and hair to match was quite the task so decided to take you guys along with me...enjoy the vleurgh!
I decided to go for the mushroom cut (BLEURGHair Coming Soon) and the white ZARA dress in the end. I actually purchased the yellow, chiffon shift ZARA dress but returned it as the graduation sash was purple and yellow & I didn't wanna look too coordinated. I accessorised the look with a gold belt I found in Primark (switched with the one I initially purchased at the Bloggers Meet)...Do you guys like the final look? I did! :)
Dress : ZARA (£20) | Belt : Primark (£1) | Clutch : TKMaxx (already owned) | Heels : ZARA (£20)
I was going for an elegant look. I can look fancy and dolled up to any party....grad day? I wanted it to be simple yet special. As my flatmate said...this is pretty much the only rite of passage left before my big wedding day, so why the hell not? Also, as I was donning white on the day, it seemed only fitting *blush* My makeup wasn't overdone as the dress was too classy to be trying to pull off a smokey eye or anything like that....but I added my BLEURGH flair with the shocking fuschia pink lip.
 The ceremony was the same as others I'd been to but was SO surreal! I can't believe I made it guys...I'm still in shock! I'm adult now! WOW! I was surrounded with loving friends and proud family (pun unintended....seriously!) and i loved every minute of it. I'm not one to bask in the limelight but I was grinning so bloody much in the spotlight, my cheekbones ached at the end of the day.
 Went out to dinner in Red Hot with La Familia afterwards (this new restaurant in Manchester that just opened in April). It is just one branch in the chain of Europe's biggest buffet apparently and BOY was it AMAZE!?! There's SO much choice there its a bit intense....but I liked!
 I was SO full afterwards I had to unhook that belt one-time! SHEEEESH! THE memories....the dessert buffet was unheard of! DEF recommend this spot x Seems like only yesterday I was fretting about how to properly knot a tie on my 1st day to high school...or even further memories back to when I'd clasp the ankle of my daddy cos I didn't wanna go to Primary School in Naij. Now look at me...a graduate? BLEURGH!

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Cheers to Class of 2011 *clank* Xisses