Last of Manny Nights

Soundtrack of the Minute : Party - Beyonce ft Andre 3000
Ok guys...wanted all deats to be finalised before I shared the news but I'm off to Gran Canaria on Saturday for a week with my girlies!! Can't wait! I never got to do the whole 'Post Sixth Form Friendship Holiday' with my **8Ballers so I decided to make it up this time....I was NOT passing up on that opportunity. So before I go, I'm gonna bombard you guys with posts...a few more this week including a LookBook (How not to look like a Burlesque Dancer in a Basque), eBLEURGHBay LookBook (Round 2 guys! Get Excited! I've reached 100 Youtube subbies & 250+ Blogger followers so I wanna thank you guys), A B.I.Y Post on how to convert your fugly old jeans into in-season denim shorts (preferably high-waisted).

For my YouTube followers, I'm gonna do a 'Summer Holiday Essentials' video on what I'll be packing for the holiday, a 'Show & Tell' Vleurgh on what I found in my loft that'd be good for this season as well as many more...Hope to record and take LOTS of pictures there so I'll def bring some heat and some back with me for you guys x
Blazer : Dorothy Perkins | Dress : Miss Selfridge | Heels : Steve Madden
Over the past fortnight I've been back in Manchie (or in reference to the title, Manny), its been ALL about FUN FUN FUN!! I've lost my voice near-enough permanently and I DESTROYED my ZARA corduroy peglegs that I'd only worn once; Click Here. It's sad to think I may never see some of my friends again due to geographical inconveniences....or if we DO keep in touch (come on is TOO advanced to lose touch), we wont get to chill like we do now on a daily *sigh*
Blazer : H&M | Necklace : (bag chain converted) | Basque : Panache (eBay)
Belt : Primark | Pegleg (RIP) : ZARA | Heels : Miss Selfridge | Bag : Littlewoods
Very soon, we'll all be in the big bad grown-up world, donning corporate suits and tailored dresses, selling out to The Man. Guess these are the last few days where we can just be lazy (no parents telling us to "GET UP! Don't waste your day"), care-free and party our nights away without responsibilities.
(Me) Blazer : H&M | Necklace : (bag chain converted) | Basque : Panache (eBay) 
High-waist Shorts : Primark | Satchel : Oasis | Heels : Miss Selfridge
(**Tee) Blazer (mine) : Littlewoods | Necklace : Primark | Basque (mine) : Panache (eBay)
Shorts : Miss Selfridge | Belt : Primark | Heels : Steve Madden

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Live up your youth, so in your prime you don't look back on these years in regretful self-loathe. Xisses