Best Thing I Never Had

Its MAD sad that Queen Bey's album leaked but it's also a blessing cos I am IN LOVE with so many tracks on it. One of which is me & my (ex Co-Blogger) flatmate's favourite, 'Best Thing I Never Had'. I know she's a married woman, but the way she melodically translates the pain and attitude of just about every heart-beaten & bashed single lady in the world is a beaut!
Chit-chatting with a friend, who quite like myself in the past, is contemplating joining a nunnery. Now, I went as far (at the time) of signing up for an all-girls Catholic Sixth Form in my bid to run away from the woes induced by the male-species. But at the end of the day... I am, and will always be strictly dic...I'll leave you to finish the rest *blush*
Main squeeze, wifey, hoe, mistress, freak-a-leek, single & proud....whoever you are as a woman, you can't deny that you relate to the song! It makes me just want to throw my fist up and growl out the lyrics. I may have been out of the game for a while but its shocking what emotions it digs back to the surface and how much I want to call this person or the other and just smirk as I say "I bet it sucks to be you right now". Like, how SICK would that be?
Boobtube : Primark (Lingerie Section) | Maxi (double-banded) Skirt : ZARA
The song depicts the raw emotions of any girl when the honeymoon-rose tinted glasses have been shattered and he (in the words of Beyonce, and my all-time favourite movie; Two Can Play That Game) shows his ass. We don't use slangs like trifling and the like in the UK, but its SO fitting in this case. I guess, I'm at a REALLY good place in my life right now. With a great social network etc....guys and their wahala seem a million miles away from my everyday reality. But this song just brought it all back..."I used to want you so bad, but I'm so through with that". And honestly, to all the ladies stuck in a bad situation right now, i wanna be the Bey-like voice urging you to see that "what goes around, comes back around"; Karma's a bitch with dog-like balls. It may not seem all gravy right now, but you'll come out unscathed (and even if you suffer a few wounds along the way), you'll surely grow from it and look back one day smiling.

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! I'm the best thing you never it sucks to be you right now. Xisses