Last Friday, amidst all my final exams stress, I and my friend *ToyToy organised a surprise party for my flatmate and BFF (not to mention, ex co-Blogger) **YaYa. It was a lovely but stressful affair, but it was the least I could do after she threw one for me in 2009 (goodtimes).
The Pre-Drinks was harder to organise as there have been more than a few flops this semester at holding a successful houseparty so expectation of a good turn-out was eerily scary. However, there was no need to worry as our true friends were there :) It was SO much fun being tossed into busy-mode the second I left the exam hall! Plus putting that heifer on hold by claiming I was here rather than there was more than enough fun!!
We had MORE than enough alcohol from mild tasters like wine, Smirnoff Ice, Alize and Baileys (YES! I made a Baileys Milkshake!!) to HARD liquor (in the words of my friend **Paulie LOL he does the Dr Dre tight-lipped face everytime he takes a sip, its HILARIOUS) like Dissarano, Martini, Southern Comfort and others...*alcoholic sigh* Lets just say, by the time we were headed out to the club, we were all pretty much LIQ'D!! LOL
**YaYa was blissfully unaware that I had liaised with her mother and secured a table at one of her favourite clubs and put a great deal of mula down for us to get even more 'fun' down our throats! LOL...she was in tears (of joy ofcourse) the whole time. From the moment she saw the 1st bucket of Moet to the last jolt of Vodka shots...
Jumpsuit : ZARA  (Luxury Collection on Sale - £9.99...AMAZE-Balls!!)
Me and **Toy-Toy searched left-right-and centre to find her the perfect cake as she truly deserved the final touch to her great day. As well as the stress from the last-minute changes made to the guestlist, I'd say the cake finding was the 2nd most stressful bit. The initial baker was too far from London for the London guests to pick it on their way up...and the 2nd fell ill just a week to the day. But everything happens for a reason right? Look at the absolute beaut we ended up with....
Chocolate gateau centre....anyone else agree YUM!!
 She looks SO gleeful! LOL giddy lil twerp...bless her though
LOL Look at her makeup...running from all the tears shed, yet she's joyously sucking on that lolly like her life depended on it! I love her to bit...I look gone, I wont lie! HA!
But her belated celebrations didn't end there. She already invited a bunch of people to a meal the next day and as tired and wrecked as we all were, we decided to keep the reservation and eat a wholesome meal :) at Manchester 235...
 The lovely ladies at the dinner: (From Left) **YaYa (The Birthday Girl); Me; *Kemmie; *Toy-Toy
Silk Shirt : Primark | Cordoroy Trousers : ZARA (On Sale - £15) | Lace-Up Wedges : Primark (On Sale - £3)
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