Some Sundays = BLEURGHday

Ok so the idea of a 'Sunday Shares' blew up in smoke cos I was never born to stick to routine... spontaneity is my middle name (not literally ofcourse). Anyway, I've decided to make this post an any Sunday kinda thing...when I can, is the point I'm tryna make. LOL

Soundtrack of the Minute - White Lies : Chipmunk ft Kalenna (Dirty Money)

  • Loving all the love I received about the haircut! I have to say, I was super nervous for a WHILE, but now I'm used to it and I really like it now. Gonna take the advice some of you guys gave and will be adding tracks in soon *grins like a goon*
  • My Youtube is growing and I have SO many plans in store. Most importantly, gonna be launching the first items for the eBLEURGHBay (BLEURGH Shop on eBay) on Tuesday at make sure you all take your place and place your bids! REALLY excited as I made the final edits of the lookbook yesterday and have rounded up all the items to guys will obviously be getting the 1st preview and 1st dibs as loyal followers! I really want my babies to be adopted to loving and great homes :)
  • Also, seems The Toni Cut has been really popular, and Youtube offered to make it a partner video. Sadly, cos I had an unauthorised soundtrack (yes, I'm bootleg like that LOL), it didn't make the cut. 
  • Actually been having a bad week as on deadline day, I credited my printing account with a whole £20 note, which I learnt the hard way, was non-refundable. So now...with less than a month left in Uni, I have to either trade that shiz or I dunno...print just about ANYTHING I can on this earth! *sigh* Also, the day I was running around tryna sort out some Uni-ish...I did a TON of work in the lib (for my Twitter followers, what I constantly refer to as 'Johnnie' aka John Rylands Library). Thinking I saved it all on my USB, I traipsed home early, wasted the night as I was ahead of plan....oh no! The next morning, I discover that not only is it NOT on the USB, but it wasn't saved on Johnnie's system either!!! BLEURGH!
  • Brought back 'Soundtrack of the Minute' cos for a while, I'd been MIA on the music front. But its revision season and I need hott beats in my ear! What can I say, I'm a sucker for a good beat (pun UNintended...get your minds out of the gutter! LOL). I am currently BLEURGHsessed with the track above. Thought to make it easier for you guys & instead of linking to youtube, I placed the bar, by all means, rape that bar!!
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! To the books by my side, the articles on my screen & not forgetting the tunes in my ear? BLEURGH!! Xisses