Belle of the Ball

BLEURGH! Life was on hold for like 3days as I stupidly left the notes I needed for one piece of coursework in Manchester over Easter break and cos I went to Wales, I decided to leave that until I got back. A 30% piece of work in 3 days didn't seem so daunting at first...I've done worse. But little did I know that each article (trust me, I had a LOT of 'em to read and sift out the useless ones too) would be like HELLA longwinded!! I then had to write....writer's block is a bitch! Thankfully, reality slapped the block right out of my brain and I was able to get it done and hand it in so thank God that's out of the way....
But before all of that hoo-ha above, was my Law Ball on Saturday! I knew I wouldn't have time to go shopping for a dress between being in Wales and the jam-packed few days I spent in London so I was smart enough to remember a gown I bought 3years ago, on holiday in New York. The shoppaholic in me envisaged an event like this coming up in the future and I hadn't even popped the tag! Got it at a bargain of a mere $25!! Looks like I'm floating abouve right? Could NOT be fussed to wear heels after the long day I'd had so I was actually wearing peeptoe I know!! Thankfully, I'm quite tall anyway so....
ARM CANDY was kept to a bare minimum, ALL Swaroski
Laureen Ring, Heart Shaped Leather-band Bracelet, Tennis Bracelet
I actually lost my tennis bracelet on the night...sadly! But I was all diplomatic about it, quizzed the Janitor (who'd left it on the counter....dumb ass) who quarried the barmaid (who'd hidden it at the back/ kitchen bit....probs in her bag) and thankfully, I got it back!! 
I didn't want my face to be matchy-matchy but I DID like the idea of having some pink incorporated to the look. Used white eyeshadow for the tearducts for the first time....all this shibazz I'm in about is really just the effect of watching TOO many youtube makeup gurus. LOL
Food was...hmm! No Comment!
Theme of the evening was 'Circus' so there were a bunch of circus freaks there on stilts and there was a street performance (which I missed, cos being black...I was 'fashionably' late) of a fire-breather. It was held at Manchester Town Hall and the party proceeded to the Manchester 235 Casino where a private room was rented and guests were entitled free drinks...twas a good night :)
Me & the lovely Lola from The Pastime Bliss

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! For the ball, don a heel that wont make you fall (unless if into the arms of your Prince Charming) Xisses