Last Lec

This is SO scary! I remember  my first ever evening stepping on campus. Me and my parents got lost and had to trail TONS of suitcases around tryna find my halls...and when we did, there were no elevators so me and Daddy (while Mummy watched and commented) hauled my bags of clothes, accesories, pots, pans etc up 5 flights of stairs moving into Uni life. Now look at me? Had the last EVER lecture of my Undergrad life and it feels like 3 years have just flown sad!
Denim Shirt : GAP | Tank : Heart & Hips (American Boutique)
Belt : *Mother's | Leather Shorts : Primark | Tights : Primark | Flats : Ethel Austin

Rosary Bracelets : eBay
Rings : **Charmz'; Miss Selfridge
 I'm gonna miss dissing wacky lecturers or promising to be at a scheduled lecture, then going out the night before and hitting that snooze button subconsciously. I'm gonna miss my friend in lectures who was always sleeping through 1st Year 1/2 the 1st semester and 1/2 answering nonsensical calls like the lecturer couldn't see him. I made some great friends through Uni and had some life-altering lessons drummed into me as well.
 Flannel Shirt : Primark | Cotton Peglegs : Primark | Oxford Brogues : Deichmann
Snakeskin Satchel : Pull & Bear
Ring : Wallis | Watch : Guess
I'm gonna save the emotional tears for graduation, but to think...this is it now! The end of the road. *sigh* I've got 3 pieces of coursework and 2 exams scheduled to finish at the end of May and I can say I'm done with my LLB Law degree. Time really does fly....

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! This is the beginning of the end. Xisses