Love & Hip-Hop

So I started watching VH1's newest dose of ghetto infiltration yesterday called 'Love & HipHop' and OMG! It was SO addictive! I mean, you see people that are willing to sleep on top of studios with a mattress on the floor next to a felt-insulated boiler pipe and you wonder whether this was shot for a worldwide audience or just a further tool by The Man to keep the minorities in their place. I'm not one for grand scheme conspiracy theories, rather I think its a disgusting example of how low one is willing to go to get that celebrity status that you'll publicise your grind to the world.
Fur Collar (detached from cardigan) : Etam : Blazer : Littlewoods | Top : H&M 
Oh yer, I BIY'd some new tracks in my hair and stripped away the blonde. All those 'Mini-Minaj' comments finally got to me LOL.

Pegleg Trousers : Warehouse | Quilted Pumps : Ethel Austin | 3-D Glasses : AMC Cinema (LOL)
Make sure you check out the OOTD (Onyxstyle) for the outfit below on my Youtube Channel. Gonna be making more BLEURGH videos (Vleurgh) on topics on my mind like black ghetto stereotypes and dating guys already in relationships... I want my Youtube channel to be an active reflection of BLEURGH and not just about outfits and fashion.
Blazer : Littlewoods | Crochet top (rolled up to 3/4 length) : Topshop
Tanktop (layered) : Primark (Lingerie) | Shorts : Primark
Gold Buttons (customised-BIY) : eBay 
Arm Candy : Swarovski (ring), Guess (Watch)
Croc-Skin Satchel : Pull & Bear (Milan) | Leopard Print Pumps : Ethel Austin

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! "If you don't get it together, forget it forever" Love & HipHop