Hola booskis! I've been SUCH a bad lil blogger haven't I? GOLLIE! Feel like I've been MIA from the scene from a while but thanks for all the lovely comments and emails, you guys keep me going. So this will DEF go under the 'Bleurgh From The Past' slot as the weekend in London has gone past and this all happened on the Thursday before so I apologise.

Anyway, I felt like a right socialite cos I multi-booked my day and ended up going to 3 things in the matter of hours - 1st a Mentor-Scheme do, then a Medics Fashion Show and finally on a night out with my girlies, the last of which was SO last minute I didn't even plan or HAVE anything to wear...but you'll see what I Gok'd up.
This event was SO dry I was yawning and tweeting my whole way through...the finger-food was delectable though, from a range of sushi to soft-cheese wrapped with smoked salmon ...etc

Dress : **Flatmate's | Corsage : Dorothy Perkins | Blazer : Dorothy Perkins

The cause was the promotion of sexually transmitted diseases I think, or I'd be worried on why I walked out with a goodie bag of lube & condoms *insane side-eye*
We were bored at the fashion show and my girlies mentioned an impromptu night-out and I thought, why the hell not? I didn't have any outfits with me and my apartment's kinda out of the way so I decided to tweak whatever i came across in my friend's closet. Considering she had just done the laundry, my choices were relatively limited...
Blazer : Dorothy Perkins 
Boobtube (a string vest pyjama-top tucked into strapless bra) : **borrowed from friend
Skirt : **borrowed from **Toy | Heels : Debenhams 

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Bish-Bash-Bosh what an eventful evening, couldn't wait to rest my tush. Xisses