Ashy Wednesday

My post actually has nothing to do with the title, other than acknowledge what today is. I was in Wales, staying at my sister's over the weekend and we took a roadtrip to Liverpool on Sunday (sorry for the delayed post) and OMG, can I just take the timeout to say just how hott the ladies there are? :o
WOW! Liverpudlians ALL try...its easy to spot the laidback looking visitors cos all the girls there pretty much look like real-life mannequins! INSANE! Sadly, I was far TOO busy indulging in some retail therapy myself and oogling them, that I didn't have the time to get snap happy and take some street style pics for you guys...but I trust you can take my word for it.
I apologize in advance for the picture OVERLOAD...BLERGH!!
Scarf : (borrowed from **sister) | Checkered Shirt : River Island (MensWear)
Belt : **Mother's | Trousers : Chiara Fashion | Pumps : (borrowed from **sister)
ROADTRIP! I was amazed by the structure of the bridge...just one of the few things I picked up from my ex who studied architecture.
Liverpool One...LOVE this Shopping Centre (In England, we don't really say 'mall')!! Its like an indoor format with escalators, etc...but outdoors!
Dunno why I was so entranced by these poles *crickets* but the colours.... :)
Doesn't Liverpool look like Paris or Rome or something? You'd never guess it was in dead ol'UK LOL! My GodMother also lives there so we paid her a visit and she gbalum'd (gave me money) me some dosh so I left the city with some fond memories....YAY!
Made a YouTube video of my finds and what I gave up for Lent so be sure to check it out. And don't forget to rate, comment & subscribe (yes, I'm an actual youtuber now, using the lingo and all sorts LOL) And check out my channel:
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Two peas in a pod land up in a Pool. Xisses


  1. great pictures!
    there weather looks so nice!!

  2. I love your photos, you look so good.

  3. I feel inlove with the shopping centre when i went there!! love, love, LOVE the shopping centre!! The city is beautiful too but for some reason i prefer shefield.


  4. lovely pictures... you look so great.!
    hope you enjoyed yourself.

  5. Great photos dear!

  6. great outfit and photos

    i'm your new follower
    will you follow me back please? :)

  7. I'm digging your pants they look cool with flats :-)


  8. oooo looks like you had fun in the chinos in the first picture...liverpool does lookmlike rome a bit ur right onyeks..xx

  9. I am also in love with your blog...

    visited few days back but google chrome is being BLEURGH and I couldn't comment :(!

    Let us now how you do with your NO Shopping...

    I might have to visit Liverpool, sounds so cultural.

    Miss Lily Dee Love,

    Bisous x

  10. great pics. you look fantastic :)

  11. awww you look great loooool

    ohhh and i love liverpool loooool im at uni there , i must say its just the best :D xoxo

  12. you are right. It looks so much like paris, quiet amazing really. Now i wnat to visit Liverpool lol. An doh yea Jay Sean said it's the breed WAGS in Liverpool. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  13. Wow, this post really makes me want to visit Liverpool... I'll have to fit that in while I'm here, haha!


  14. That shopping center looks really good. And your hair is very nice =)

    shall we follow each other? let me know :)
    Have a nice day

  15. i so so so love your blog. You are inspiring me to do OOTD posts. :)

  16. Your pics are really lovely

    I tagged you in an award :-), come to my blog to claim it!


  17. Amazing pics! i love your pants ♥

  18. i've heard its awesome for shopping
    i really shld visit soon


  19. I love your hair!! is very cool, you are very very cool! i love two colors.
    you are on my favourite list´s blogs ;)

  20. Wow that outside mall..I mean centre.. is awesome! i need to take a trip to England and go shopping asap! lol