Ashy Wednesday

My post actually has nothing to do with the title, other than acknowledge what today is. I was in Wales, staying at my sister's over the weekend and we took a roadtrip to Liverpool on Sunday (sorry for the delayed post) and OMG, can I just take the timeout to say just how hott the ladies there are? :o
WOW! Liverpudlians ALL try...its easy to spot the laidback looking visitors cos all the girls there pretty much look like real-life mannequins! INSANE! Sadly, I was far TOO busy indulging in some retail therapy myself and oogling them, that I didn't have the time to get snap happy and take some street style pics for you guys...but I trust you can take my word for it.
I apologize in advance for the picture OVERLOAD...BLERGH!!
Scarf : (borrowed from **sister) | Checkered Shirt : River Island (MensWear)
Belt : **Mother's | Trousers : Chiara Fashion | Pumps : (borrowed from **sister)
ROADTRIP! I was amazed by the structure of the bridge...just one of the few things I picked up from my ex who studied architecture.
Liverpool One...LOVE this Shopping Centre (In England, we don't really say 'mall')!! Its like an indoor format with escalators, etc...but outdoors!
Dunno why I was so entranced by these poles *crickets* but the colours.... :)
Doesn't Liverpool look like Paris or Rome or something? You'd never guess it was in dead ol'UK LOL! My GodMother also lives there so we paid her a visit and she gbalum'd (gave me money) me some dosh so I left the city with some fond memories....YAY!
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Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Two peas in a pod land up in a Pool. Xisses