Early Bird

Hola Bleurgher-Boos! I'm so chuffed about the positive responses I received from the last post and how many of you wanna try it....makes me feel so happy to see you guys happy, danka danx xx. If you do 'The Turban BIY', please do try and send links via email or as Bleurgh backs cos I wanna see :) like a proud mummy LOL.
I'm a midnight vixen, lady of the night, a lady nocturnal...that's just how I've always been! But ever since I got back from Wales, i've gotten used to waking up at the crack of dawn (for us students, thats not 6am, but more like 8am)...LORDIE! I KNOW! But 'cos of this early bird syndrome I've caught, I've also been sleeping pretty early too.
Blazer : Miss Selfridge | Leopard Print Top : H&M | Trousers : Croydon Market
Anywho...I got up this morning feeling revived and got SO much done before it even hit midday (can you believe I used to think midday was 3pm? and noon was 12...I know! DOH!). As I had so much time to burn, what with these excess daytime hours and all, I decided to shoot my 1st ever OOTD. I remember when I first started blogging and kept clocking those abbreviations EVERYWHERE, and felt enlightened when i figured it out all by myself! I've decided to change the 'Outfit Post' tags to 'Onyxstyle' so if you click on that tag at the bottom, you can pretty much see all my outfits dating back to the beginning of BLEURGH lol.
Nails : Miss Sporty (Yellow base); Barry M (Cracked Naileffect)
Rings : Topshop; Miss Selfridge | Bracelets : Miss Selfridge; eBay; Guess
Satchel : Pull & Bear (Milan)
Brogues : Dorothy Perkins | Cardigan : Primark (Menswear)
After these shots, with the lovely shading from the bricks, etc....I found it quite hard to get anymore good shots. But being the quirky ol' fellow I am, I asked this chic who was blissfully watching the ripples in the stream on the canal by my apartment, her name was Kazia. She was more than happy to get a lil tigger-happy LOL.
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Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Early to bed, early to rise; but all it takes is one bad night and this pattern dies. Xisses
Dunno if you guys have noticed but I switched up a few things on the page. Do let me know what you think....tryna get my head around Photoshop to switch up my banner so if any of you are bigger tech-geeks than me, please BLEURGH at me! (Art whizzes are also welcome) Also, I put up my BLEURGH Awards, although I am yet to dedicate a post to my latest but that'll probs be next. Thanks SO much for all the support guys, its truly appreciated. Uber-Xisses