Good Girl Gone Bad

I've been called rude, obnoxious, talkative, funny, mean...but the word 'lovely' never springs to mind when describing me. So imagine my shock when not only one, but THREE bloggers gave me a 'One Lovely Blog' Award! Thanks to Stella Kodi from Chic Lounge ; Chizy K from Chizy's Spyware; and Pretty Lashes, I can add the word 'lovely' to my 'describe yourself' bar on application forms and Personal Profile tabs on social networking sites :)
"I may be bad but I'm perfectly good at it" Rihanna
Guess these awards are meant to help shed some further light on my personality and character to my I thought I'd share pictures of me out at night, which I never really do on here. These are not epic nights, just random student nights out so no fancy dresses here I'm afraid. As I said, I'm not really 'lovely' so I thought I'd take a spin on it and share 7 naughty facts about myself & my past...
Satchel : Oasis | Blazer : H&M | Croptop (tucked in) : H&M
Belt : Primark | Skirt : H&M | Heels : Red Herring (Debenhams)
1) Once when I was little, and my dad went away on a business trip and left me in the custody of my uncle for the weekend, he brought a girl round to 'pose' in our house. After asking to be bribed for a few favours of which he refused coldly, on my father's return, I g'd him up....NICELY! Don't mess with me hoe!
2) When I was still below Primary in Nigeria, I hated the packed lunch my mother would make. Sadly when I ran out of inventive ways of ridding of it (stuffing it in toy boxes and binning it in gutters), I stumbled upon a brilliant get-rich scheme with my tutor where she'd pay me to buy sweets and I'd trade her my lunch. For like a fortnight straight, she got stingy and wouldn't cut me a fair deal so I g'd her up...NICELY! She got a good talking to from my mother....although, quite sadly, the packed lunches continued and funding for break snacks stopped *sigh*
Playsuit / Romper : Topshop (Lingerie Section) - Featured on the Pasttime Bliss
Heels : Red Herring (Debenhams)
3) In Year 5 in Nigeria, there was a new wave of after-school societies that weren't academically orientated but more philanthropic-centred. So at first, I joined Brownies and that was all fun, and games and BLAH! Then the Red Cross, First Aid uniforms came in and after seeing the cute berets and naval themed cute dresses, I was sold. So I faked this and that lie and switched...NICELY!! LOL
4) In Year 8 in High School, I had a Geography teacher who had Parkinson's and we used to call 'Shaky Stephens'. Now, I'm not proud of this and did have to bear the consequences of my actions but me and my 'friends' saw him struggling with his dinner tray one lunchtime and decided to run across and knock it out of his hand. As we ran past, he spotted my nike drawstring bag (a signature of the cool kids in year8) and reported me. I went home and concocted a tale of NO SENSE to my mother (who obviously knew I was lying) and when she got that phone call....BOY! I got told off...NICELY! 
Boobtube (actually a skirt) : Bershka | Skirt : H&M | Heels : Red Herring (Debenhams)
5) My mother was a tad on the strict side growing up, and with all my friends being allowed out, I got impatient with her rules. This was Upper Sixth so it was 'Sweet 18's' season left, right and centre and I was tired of making up this and that excuse of why I couldn't attend. So for my friend's party in Balham, I lied to my mother that I was going to visit my sister in Wales (which infact, I was, but not until the next day) and partied it up...NICELY!
Shirt : Primark | Leather-look Leggings : Berska | Heels : Barratts
6)  I tried out and was successful in gaining a spot on my University's Law Netball team. On the day of practice before the big game, we had a gruelling friendly match and having neglected sports all through Sixth Form, I was more unfit for a full-time match than a fatkid tryna run from second place to the front of the queue at Krispy Kremes. I couldn't do it so I faked an asthma attack and bailed on the team....NICELY!
7) Skype sessions with some rather liberal friends of mine were NOT as funny to me as they were to them. So when they decided to be naughty, I got snap happy with stills (and what, we in our family call "political blackmail"). Little did I expect my laptop to break down and my brother to be the sole beneficiary...thank God it was never revived, for their sakes. Or those photos would have been leaked....NICELY! (see a pattern guys? LOL)

 Although rules are made to be broken, I'm gonna conform and pass this award on to 15 of my Bleurghsessions. Now you guys can either choose to share naughty/ nice facts...up to you, but let us in:
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! In the words of my hubby JayZ, "once a good girl gone bad, she gone forever"Xisses