Since You've Been Gone...

So as you know, I had the first part of my finals in January and had to take THE  longest break ever from bleurghing...and BOY oh BOY did I miss tapping away on Blanche filling you bubbas in on the ins and outs of life through my non-20/20 eyes LOL
This post is dedicated to things I missed and did in the time I was away. Its probably gonna be the longest post EVER but hope it keeps you entertained! :)
Although I stopped bleurghing, I am obsessed with Blogger that I couldn't quite stay away from my fave BLEURGHsessions! The ones that kept me going through the exam stress had to be 'Black Girls Are Easy' (hilarious stuff! Posted this on my twitter - @onyxsta - cos I was laughing so hard on the bus when reading the 'Men Choose, Women Settle' piece that the other passengers were giving me the 'loco, lock her up in a psychi-ward' glare). And my FAVE female quad-bloggers '4Aces' made an EPIC return to blogging....*sigh of relief*....oh how I missed them!
Neck Candy : H&M | Jumper : MK One | Skirt : H&M
(I apologise for the mess and indoor pics but exams had me hibernating...*sigh*)
One thing that definitely helps me relax, party, zone out...anything really, is MUSIC! I am a lyric freak (as you know) and from now on, the *Soundtrack of the Minute* posted at the top will have a link to the song via YouTube :)
But anyway, I thought I'd share a snippet of my revision playlist with you guys:
  • Nicki Minaj: Save me | Fly | Moment For Life
  • Drake: I'm Ready For Ya
  • Chipmunk ft Chris Brown: Champion
  • Dr Dre: KUSH
  • Fantasia: Even Angels
  • Jamie Foxx: WInner
  • Jazmine Sullivan: 10 Seconds | Stuttering | Luv Back | Excuse Me
  • Keri Hilson: All The Boys | Toy Soldier | Beautiful Mistake
  • Adele: Turning Tables | Love Song | Someone Like You
Fur Head Candy : Primark | Fur Collar : Etam (detached from an OLD cardigan that got ruined in the wash)
Neck Candy : ?? (Detached from an OLD clutch) | Jumper : H&M | Wellies : Hunter
I'm not one to stalk my star sign (Scorpio for those that care to know) daily trying to figure out why this happened or what cosmic synergy occured that prompted so-and-so to act the way they did....blah! But I wont deny the fact that when I go past the horoscope page in a magazine, I read it religiously.....or believe in the crappy superstition that you can't read another person's star sign etc. And as the secretive, sassy, complicated female that I am, I have been one to be pigeon-holed in the characteristics of a typical scorpio. So when I heard that there was an extra sign and all of a sudden I wasn't a scorpio anymore....erm....say what?? LOL...NO!
 Head Candy : **Stolen from my cousin Charmz | Jacket : 18th Birthday gift from **8Baller **IzzI
 Knitted Dress : Topshop | Longsleeve Top : Primark | Checkered Shorts : Republic | Knee High Boots : USC
Finger Candy : Bonita's | Arm Candy : Miss Selfridge bands; GUESS Watch
I joined the Independent Bloggers as you can see from the badge on the top right of the page....I'm so excited to broaden the audience of BLEURGH! And as the readership and fanbase keeps growing, I want to venture into new things. As you know, I have a voice and hate being caged or typecasted into one box. So this year I want to upload 'Haul' YouTube videos, guest write or feature on other blogs, review different products and places....can't wait!
 Neck Candy : **Hand-me-down from Grandma | Coat : Littlewoods Direct | Oxford Brogues : Deichmann
 Cardigan : Primark (Mens' Wear) | Skirt : Vero Moda
 Neck Candy : Wallis | Dress (Worn as a Top) : H&M
I've always wanted one of these and I'm WELL chuffed I got one from the lovely Nilufar! We actually went to the same primary and secondary school, as well as college so it was lovely when we both discovered we each blog! Thanks hun, and be sure to check out her blog guys x
7 Things you didn't know about me:-
  • I have a seasonal 'OnyxBerry' playlist on my Blackberry to blast away while I shower
  • My eyes are pretty bad so I have glasses but NEVER really wear them *squint*
  • I am a shoppaholic! Well, I guess you guys already know that *blush*
  • I was gonna go down in my High School Year Book as the Biggest Clutz 'cos I fell down every single day....guearnteed!
  • I am yet to take my theory or practical driving test even though I've had my Provisional since I was 18
  • I am an American TV fanatic
  • I want to cut my hair, old-Rihanna style this summer :)
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 Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Since you've been gone...*yawn* recap done. I'm back hunnies!! Xisses