Take U To The Movies...

That title makes me chuckle cos its the words by Bangs. If you haven's seen the YouTube phenomenon that is Banks, Click Here. ABSOLUTE HILARITY!!
Anyway, this weekend, my siblings came to Manchester to spend some quality time with me. I love my family to bits as you all know and whenever they come, I get pampered and treated like the baby of the family, which I love (I wont lie *giggles*). Anyway, my sister came with her dictator-like views, claiming she was NOT going to see Black Swan, and having seen like EVERY movie on the list *kmt*, we settled for this Owen Wilson flick. With him in it, I knew I was guaranteed a loud outburst here and there....love that guy!!
Beret : Primark | Leotard : Primark | Oversize Cardigan : Primark (Mesnwear) | Skirt : H&M 
Brogues : Deichmann | Neck Candy : New Look | Arm Candy : ZARA
"How Do You Know?" was actually pretty weird. I mean it was cute and all, with a cutesy "aww" ending, but there was this awkward energy evident throughout like the characters weren't entirely comfortable with one another. I liked the overall message though...there is someone out there that will love you, quirks and all. There's no need to settle or go with a guy cos he's offering you what you want at that moment....for most girls, its a relationship, or some kind of cemented commitment. But this guy may grate the cheese off you or he may want you to change the way you react to a certain thing that you REALLY love, but you do it anyway. *sigh*
"After all the boys, that I thought had loved me more. Didn't know what love was, till you knocked on my door" 
Keri Hilson - All The Boys.
When **Cidzzz left, me and my brother were able to indulge in a movie we had been waiting for, for FAR too long now! I was enchanted by this movie from the moment I watched the trailer. SHEESH! It was SO worth it dudes...its a DEF must see!
I loved the dodgy camera angles which made you feel like you were stalking the protagonist, Natalie Portman. Also, as an ex-Media/Drama student, I greatly applauded Natalie Portman's performance. Being the 1st movie of hers that I'd actually watched, I was beyond impressed. She jumped out of the screen and really shocked me with just how multifaceted her acting was. WOW! And Mila (Jackie from That 70s Show)...she was just a joker! I absolutely fell in love with her character!! The Mr McFrenchy however? What a douche!! Guys... go see it so we can relate LOL. Its funny cos guys HATE the ballet (well, I don't know this 1st hand, but from all the movies and TV programs where the girlfriend drags her boyfriend against his will, one can only assume)...so its funny that this is like a get-out clause for us girlies. Drag your boyfriends girls!! LOL *evil chuckle*...kidding! He'll love it too :)
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! "The only person standing in your way is you" Black Swan. Xisses