Merry Day...

**Soundtrack of the Minute - 10 Seconds : Jazmine Sullivan**  Ankara dress : Gift from brother on his Nigerian placement last summer | Neck Candy : Claires' | Cardigan : ??
Arm Candy : Guess / Miss SelfridgeHad such a lovely Christmas with family today...Got the family tickets to FELA for the 29th so expect a post :)
Sad news being, with everyone growing and having their own responsibilities...not everyone can make it. I feel like crying cos I bought it, hoping to have more family fun but I guess all that has to be scheduled months in advance these days *sigh*
 The table set for the main course...*sigh* GOOD TIMES!On to good news! I loved my pressies cos my family actually paid attention to BLEURGH!! My brother traipsed around MAC tryna get Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday lipstick only to discover it was a limnited edition product, only available online *sigh*. And my dad made his way around the maze (known to us shoppaholics as home, or to the masses as the shopping mall) to find the perfect statement jewellery/ camel wedges/ fragrance...I loved all my gifts!! :)
I got Lauren Conrad's books, the Laureen Swarovski ring I wanted on my Birthday Wishlist, Camel lace-up wedges, Paco Robanne Lady Million Eau De Perfum, Cuff Bracelet, Snug knitwear, Cute soft-brown leather bag, Praise Worship compilation :)
Merry Christmas Dolls!! Hope all of you had a great day filled with family fun, great food and lots of laughter!! Xisses