**Soundtrack of the Minute - Collared Greens And Cornbread : Fantasia**
EEEK!! I got my hair done today! I always feel nervous the night before a new do....uber-excited in the morning....and either tearful or exceedingly satisfied in the evening. Luckily, this time, my emotions fall into the latter category. To the disappointment of a few, there will be no embarassing video of me prancing around excited at the new do....*BLEURGH*
 The journey started last Christmas when I spotted that pic of Ciara (top left) with bleach blonde lo-lights in her hair! I was in LOVE but gave the idea to my cousin...sadly her crop didn't quite turn out as planned so that put me off for a WHILE! Then last month, in my moments of boredom, I became addicted to Wendy Williams show and in this clip with Raven Symone (top right), I fell in love with lo-lights again. I saw this 'Ombre' post on my new BLEURGHSESSION - Ring My Bell what I have also been in love with for months on Lauren Conrad (click on the link and check it out) it was a done deal!
I've wanted a short crop since forever, its never quite looks like that (LeToya Luckett - bottom left) on me (bottom right) so I gave up the 12" dream
 That was all until I rekindled my BLEURGHSESSION for Norwegian Blogger UlrikkeLund & discovered the joys of a 'long bob'. Question was...centre or side?
 After a LONG day (ok I'm a diva so over 3hours is long for me...and I know my hairdresser is good with customer service so apologies for this bad review*bows head in shame*) at the salon, I was unprepared to sit through and dictate what length and how layered I wanted my crop to be. PLUS, everyone that knows me, knows just how anal I am about my I always style the cut myself. I left the salon with 14" and when I got home, I got to work...
 End result...*swish*
Apologies for the poor lighting but BLANCHE was my photographer for the evening as my camera battery is charging in prep of FELA! tomorrow with the family....eek!
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH! Whether its a mop or a crop, hair is my beauty secret & I will never stop. Xisses
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